The 25 Year Old Pokémon: A Look Back from Red to Shining Pearl

The 25 Year Old Pokémon: A Look Back from Red to Shining Pearl

They have been on the plane for almost 25 years: Pokémon Red Of Pokémon Green. The humble Japanese release that will become the second most successful game series of all time is right behind it Mario.

The Pokémon seem to be forever associated with Nintendo, but the series is attributed to game makers Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. His company, Game Freak, has worked in several other games for Sega and Nintendo for many years.

Taziri and Sugimori appeared several times for their own Nintendo games, based on Taziri’s childhood. He loved hunting insects at that time. The project was previously called Capsule monsterRight after that Monster sakuBut it is an abbreviation that comments: Pokémon.

In 1990, Nintendo thanked him MarioFinally, the creator of Shigeru, Miyamoto gets the job done and the game freak begins.

Pokémon Red Of green colour

We know for the first time in the Netherlands PokémonAs game the game boy Red Of BiruHowever, on February 27, 1996 in Japan, the second half was canceled. green colour. At first, Game Freak had no idea how successful the game was, as it barely received any information.

Meanwhile, the company decided to take the game forward and give it an extra coat of blue. Pokémon Red Of Biru It crossed the oceans and reached the United States and Europe in 1998 the following year.

The game was a huge success, selling 31 million copies worldwide.

The magic formula is simple. As a trainer of small monsters, he traveled throughout Kanto. Mission: Catch all 151 creatures in the popular red and white “Pokéball” and defeat all Pokémon Grand Masters in the area.

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Trick: In every two games, you can only capture a portion of each Pokémon. So, you have to connect your game boy to other people via link cable to exchange Pokémon.

Image from “Pokémon Red”.

Image from “Pokémon Red”.

Photo: N corporation

Cartoon Cards & Series

With the immense success of the game, the animated series cannot be delayed. In Japan it was Tube in 1997, the Netherlands had to wait until 1999 for the first episode of the anime series.

The series, which revolves around Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum and his friends, has been a worldwide success as a game. Ash’s friend Pikachu has become a symbol of the world Pokémon. In Japan, the ashes are called “Satoshi” – as in Satoshi Tajiri.

To Subject Holds so well that it made the top 2000 in 2015, with Playing Cards becoming the largest childhood publisher in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

To keep the growing empire more manageable, Nintendo established a separate publisher: the Pokémon Company. He oversees the global branding of the companies involved – Nintendo, Game Freak and Jeeves.

New, new nintendo Pokémon

The new Game Boy color palette created a color game in 1999 Pokémon Gold Of silver It is possible. They fly across the table 23 million times. Side step, picture game Pokémon Snap, He was less successful, but still preferred.

Daud Red Of Biru All new Nintendo portable devices will be one of them Pokémonsport. The gameplay changes slowly with each new release, but the series never denies its roots.

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From Ruby Of Safir Gameboy Advance has sold sixteen million copies. Nintendo DS Game Diamond Of Pearl In 2006, the performance was slightly better.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have sold 1.7 million times.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have sold 1.7 million times.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have sold 1.7 million times.

Photo: N corporation

Remake donation internet

He got Black Of White (2010) and its successors are advancing quantum leaps visually and technically. There have been seasonal changes in the Games, with the outside world looking different every moment. Successor Ni x Of S (2013) made the leap to full 3D graphics on the 3DS.

Fans of vintage games are becoming more and more interested. Nintendo and Game Freak have decided to remake for the new platform, which will debut Red fire Of Green leaf In the 2004 film Game Boy Advance.

He is remaking the truck Diamond Of Pearl He plans this year.

Pokémon is the first 3D game of the X&Y series.

Pokémon is the first 3D game of the X&Y series.

Pokémon is the first 3D game of the X&Y series.

Photo: N corporation

Go down the road Pokémon Go

Most successful talks Pokémon This game did not come from the Freak stable. The honor goes to Niantic, a mobile game maker with its walkers Pokémon Go (2014).

This augmented reality game casts players as Pokémon trainers who have to hunt creatures in their environments. With GPS functionality and a smartphone camera, the game puts Pokémon in the world around you.

Within a week, the game has been downloaded ten million times. 2016 was full of stories from the entire summer Pokémon GoPlayers take to the streets in drums to catch new Pokémon.

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In its first year, Niantic earned an estimated $ 950 million (approximately $ 770 million) from the game. After that Nintendo took advantage of this She goes Simplified Pokemon let’s goGame, where you can use “real” Pokable.

Future of Pokémon

Since the 2016 mobile game promotion, there have been two other groups of traditional games PokémonGames Released: Sun Of Month, Of sword Of To protect. The latter, a game for Switch, has since its first hit Go Of silver 20 million copies were sold.

Nintendo announced three new cars on Friday PokémonTitle: New Version Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Of Pearl shiny, And open world games Pokemon Legends Arceus. With the latter, the series goes one step further, leaving the world completely devoid of exploration.

Nintendo and Game Freak celebrate it throughout the year. On Christmas day alone, plan a special party: Rapper Post Malone will host a special digital concert for Pokémon at 2.00 pm (NST).

Pokémon Legends Arceus should have an open world similar to Zelda’s.

Pokémon Legends Arceus should have an open world similar to Zelda's.

Pokémon Legends Arceus should have an open world similar to Zelda’s.

Photo: N corporation

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