The 3-meter snake surprised the customers by coming on the shelf; Watch

The 3-meter snake surprised the customers by coming on the shelf;  Watch

In a supermarket in Australia, shoppers were surprised to find a 10-foot python snake sliding between products on a shelf in the Spice section.

According to The Guardian Australia, one of the customers, Hilary Leigh, posted a video Facebook Which showed the snake deciding to come off a shelf at a Woolworths store in Glenory, a suburb north-west of Sydney.

Another customer, Helena Alati, said she was buying ingredients for dinner when she encountered a python – a species that is not venomous.

“She just wanted to say hello,” said Helena. “Dozens of people must have passed him.”

A Woolworths representative said activists cordoned off the area to keep customers safe.

Helena, who worked as a volunteer snake hunter, said she went to her house to pick up some equipment and returned to the supermarket to remove the snake from the spice aisle. She said that she would take the reptile to a suitable habitat in the forest.

“She didn’t seem aggressive at all,” said Helena. “It wasn’t in a defensive position. It slid straight into the bag. I’m used to seeing snakes in weird places, but I never expected to see one in one.” [supermercado] Woolworths.”

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