The agent who shot and killed the woman inside the US Capitol has been removed

The agent who shot and killed the woman inside the US Capitol has been removed

“Following Capitol Police policy, the officer was hired Administrative license and its authority has been suspended Congress security chief Steven Sundar said the outcome of an investigation is pending.

Is an outgoing agent Balearic investigated by Ashli ​​Babbit, A supporter of Trump, who tried to force his way into the plenary, where some members of Congress stayed in the asylum. He was treated at the hospital, but did not resist his injuries.

People lay on the floor and on the stairs of the US Senate Gallery as protesters tried to enter the Capitol in Washington – Photo: Andrew Harnick / AP

At least four people died during clashes Last Wednesday (6), according to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department. Fourteen policemen were injured.

Trump supporters, who did not accept the outcome of the November elections, disrupted the session Certified John Biden’s victory in presidential elections. Shortly before the invasion the depot and senators were removed from the building.

Due to the clashes, the Mayor of Washington, Muriel Boeser, announced a curfew in the city at 6 pm (local time, 8 pm Brasilia). The remedy was effective for 12 hours. The city also closed the Kovid-19 test centers.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Declared a state of emergency and imposed curfew From 6 pm in the Arlington and Alexandria areas, which are located near Washington DC.

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