The ballot box indicates a tie between Merkel’s party and the Social Democrats. World

The ballot box indicates a tie between Merkel's party and the Social Democrats.  World

Angela Merkel’s Social Democrats and Conservatives are practically tied in this Sunday’s election in Germany (26), according to exit polls broadcast by public television networks.

According to the ZDF network, Olaf Scholz’s Social Democratic Party, the SPD, would have received 26% of the vote, while the chancellor’s Christian Democrats, led by Armin Laschet, would have won 24% of the vote.

On the other hand, ARD channel reported that both the parties would have got 25% votes.

However, it should be noted that these results do not include postal voting, which would have been much higher.

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The SPD’s German Social Democrats are calling for the formation of the next government, its general secretary Lars Klingbeil announced, while conservatives recognize a “bitter loss” in the legislative elections, according to its general secretary.

“We have a mandate to form a government. (Head of the list) Olaf Scholz will be chancellor,” Klingbeil estimated, while the SPD is credited with 26% to 24% of the chancellor’s for Christian Democrats.

Angela Merkel’s conservatives also want to form the next government, despite setbacks in the legislative elections, their leader Armin Lasquet said.

“We will do everything possible to form a government led by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU, its Bavarian ally),” Lasquet declared, however, adding that the conservative camp “cannot be satisfied” with the SPD. With the decline recorded with scores estimated between 24.2% and 24.7%, as against 24.9% and 25.8%.

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German voters went to the polls on Sunday to decide who would succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel after four terms and 16 years in power – more than any other leader in the country’s history.

Depending on the results, a new government can be formed very soon or only after several weeks of talks. Polls show CDU and SPD parties very close.

Three candidates are considered main, who at some point led the election and with some chance of victory: Olaf Scholz, from the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Armin Laszt, from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – the same party as Merkel. — and Annalena Barbock of the Green Party.

Greens MP Manuel Sarrazin swam to a polling place in Hamburg, northern Germany, this Sunday (26) and voted wearing a red bathing suit as he promised a 500 euro donation to political prisoners in Belarus . — Photo: reproduction/Instagram Manuel Sarrazin

Expert talks about the end of the Merkel era in Germany

Expert talks about the end of the Merkel era in Germany

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