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Beach tennis

It is a game of rapid growth and learning for all ages, with over one million practitioners worldwide.

Worldwide, beach tennis is present in Europe, Russia, the United States, Japan, Bermuda, Aruba, Australia and Chile. Brazil is the second power in the game and world champion in doubles. Up to 500 calories are spent per class.


The game appeared on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro around 1960 and over time, it also developed in Brazil, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Today, sand courts located in cities are supporting the sport, which is one of the most sought after.

Beach volleyball

The sport comes from traditional indoor volleyball. Its origins are known to have originated on the beaches of Santa Monica in the United States.

In Brazil, it arrived in the 50s in Copacabana, RJ. In general, contact with the sport is initiated in childhood, in schools in classrooms that are in the curriculum, which makes beach volleyball easier and more attractive for students of all ages.

Functional carioca

Because it is an inspiration for natural body movements, it is hypothesized that functional training emerged in ancient Greece.

Today, training in sand is one way to improve results, this effect reduces injuries, tone muscles and increases calorie expenditure.

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