The broadcaster discussed the new scenario and returned to the studio after 1 year

The broadcaster discussed the new scenario and returned to the studio after 1 year

In the next few days, ESPN Brasil will complete the first phase of a project to renovate its studio located at the station’s headquarters in São Paulo. The blog found that the channel tests the latest for the opening of a wide campus of the landscape that will be the phase of the new “SportsCenter”, a program that takes ESPN journalism’s core brand into the world. The premiere is scheduled for next Monday, February 15.

The blog also had an image of novelty – which you can see above. The project, which has been working with ESPN professionals in Brazil, the United States and Argentina for more than a year, features a 500-inch high-definition screen in the so-called “Mega Studio” as one of the highlights of the new “SportsCenter”. Will be. Identity, the lead journalist for Disney Sports Channel.

In total, there will be three different environments within the same program. ESPN professionals are expected to return to the studio next week. Disney has promised to follow all coronavirus prevention protocols, using low numbers of commentators and technical professionals to avoid on-site congestion.

Whoever offers the program, for example, will periodically do PCR exams. A portion of professionals will continue to work from home. First, there will be two daily versions of “SportsCenter” produced in the broadcaster’s studio: one in the morning, between 10 am and 12 pm and the other in the night band, between 8 and 10 pm.

It will be a return to Disney Sport Studios after 11 months. ESPN was the first sports TV to close its studios and produce programs remotely. It is also the final to make a comeback, as Sportv, Bandsports and TNT Sports return at the beginning of the second half of 2020.

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The renovation of the ESPN headquarters is part of Disney’s plan to restructure its sports channels in Brazil following a merger with Fox Sports last year. After SportsCenter, other broadcaster programs will receive new scenarios in the coming months.

Still not scheduled to open, ESPN Brasil’s attractions such as “Linha de Pas”, “Resenha”, “Bola da Vez” and “ESPN League” will also be fully revamped in the second phase of the ongoing project, The renovation will include other studios in the station building. New programs in programming are expected to debut in the coming months.

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