The Chrome privacy ‘bug’ clears website data and cookies, excluding Google-owned websites

The Chrome privacy ‘bug’ clears website data and cookies, excluding Google-owned websites
WTF ?! You may be aware of a Chrome browser setting that allows you to “clear cookies and site data when you leave Chrome.” What you may not be aware of is that the “bug” does not clear all that data. In particular, information from Google-owned sites remains constant.

According to iOS developer Jeff Johnson, “Clear cookies and site data when you leave Chrome.” Able, All YouTube and Google search data is not deleted when you exit the browser. Coming out will clear Google’s cookies, but the site is a data store. Johnson says the only thing to do is to blacklist Google and YouTube for “adding to sites that may never use cookies.”

While cookies, which are often used to track branding activity, are deleted, there is no cache data. Cached data for a website is usually unobtrusive, storing things like images and other data from previously viewed pages so they load faster when re-viewed.

However, both Google Search and UT use HTML5 “local storage” of HTML5, among other things, which programmer Randall Diggs Note, Can be used to store anything used by web developers, including personal user information. This opens up the possibility of using it to store tracking information similar to cookies.

Google Claims He is aware of the “bug” and says it is recovering.

A Google spokesperson told The Register: “We are aware of a bug in Chrome that is affecting how cookies are cleared on some first-party Google websites,” a Google spokesperson told The Register. . “We are investigating the issue and plan to resolve it in the coming days.”

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It is ridiculous for Google to call this issue a “bug” so keep in mind that the setting depends on any website for the search company itself. Bugs are not optional, which makes one wonder if, in this case, the bug is real Is A feature intentionally programmed by Google. It just happened to get stuck in the cookie jar with your hands.

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