The Chronos dungeon will launch on the Apple Arcade this Friday.

The Chronos dungeon will launch on the Apple Arcade this Friday.

After resting during the festivalHolidayLet us start this new year completely with fun with games. Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon Which is scheduled to release on Apple Arcade this Friday. The first four-player co-op adventure game in the expansion of the Oceanhorn universe.

There are also new games that will be released soon, such as sports. Populus run From the FIFTYTWO team of three game developers from Russia and sports. LumenOwners of highly rated games from indie game developers also act like tints.

Games will be released this week:

sport Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon Fight other players to defeat the epic players as well as Dev Kronos – from Cornfox & Brothers who destroyed Arcadia’s magnificent empire 200 years ago by splitting into hundreds of islands. Unsolved ocean, not an area on the map. Players must follownewsRumors and predictions to find their way into a secret chronicle of the chronological dungeon, touted as deep fiction, is a hidden paradigm overglass, powerful enough to change history. Let’s discover the challenges that await within the Kronos Dungeon.

New games coming soon anyone this:

Run populus FIFTYTWO

Untitled 5

In this unconventional running game, players must control a crowd due to careless obstacles. The goal is to have at least one runner at the end of the course. While leading players to the finish line are able to recruit more people standing on the way. But there is a caveat, they have to dodge huge fast food. Then take down the slides of the water park. And fight the boss rappers to win

Lumen. Lykegaard Europe Limited from Sports Camp


Will provide a different puzzle-solving experience for players. Players will find the mysterious antique box of Mrs Olivia McLumen, the former great inventor living in Scotland a hundred years ago. The story of the most creative invention is captured on film. And to restore their story image, players have to use lights, lenses, and mirrors to brighten the beam to reveal frames from each level, unlocking a new frame about every puzzle.

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