The city in Colombia has been ‘invaded’ by Foam; see photos

The city in Colombia has been 'invaded' by Foam;  see photos

Men talk in a street with foam coming from a river Mosquera

Photo: reproduction / Reuters

According to the newspaper, a large amount of foam was ‘invaded’ in part of the city of Moscara, Colombia, after a river that passed through the municipality during the heavy rainy season in the region. la vanguardia,

According to the vehicle, the substance spread along with the air in a village and reached the doors of the houses. Residents, who have been through it before, claim that the substance is harmful to the health of the population.

Environmental officials attribute the presence of this foam to household detergents originating from an industrial area, which also give off a strong and foul odor.

Foam 'invasion' city in Colombia

Foam ‘invasion’ city in Colombia

Photo: reproduction / Reuters

Despite residents’ complaints, Mosquera Mayor Gian Gerometa said on social media that a health ministry team found that the environmental problem had no impact on the population concerned.

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