The city was frightened by a goat, a sheep and three lambs. Watch the viral video

The farm animals were tied up in a Turkish town to scare the locals.

Residents of a city in central Turkey have been terrorized by an attacking gang that has taken to the streets. Members of this gang? One sheep, one goat and three lambs.

CCTV footage shared by the official Twitter handle of the Nevisihar Municipality shows that the farm animals work together to terrorize the locals and charge the hall in the city center. “We have been taken hostage by a sheep, a goat and three wolves,” the Nevsehr municipality shared on Twitter, showing footage of animals chasing security guards and attacking pedestrians. The sheep were repeatedly filmed using its head to push people.

Accordingly Daily morning, Unprovoked attacks forced many residents to flee from invading animals. Watch the footage below:

The CCTV footage has gone viral on Twitter since it was posted three days ago. It has been viewed more than 2.7 million times on microblogging platforms, garnering thousands of impressive feedback.

“These street gangs are getting out of hand,” said one Twitter user.

Be beep

Another wrote, “You all laugh, you don’t know how scary these gangs are,” wrote another.

According to the local news website NTVThe animals were rounded up and taken to a lost animal facility called Animal Ta, before their owner, Hassan Unbulan, returned. Mr Unboolan said the animals may have escaped after opening their pens through the air at night.

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