The coffin speaks of banning the famous Twitch streamers

The coffin speaks of banning the famous Twitch streamers

Schroeder recently outlined his stance on banning popular streamers. This year xQc and Dr. Names like Disrespect have been banned. However, Streimer does not believe that banning is a bargain. In Dr.’s case, he has a very good thing. Banning could be one of the best moves of his career. Fans will remember how people came to the YouTube stream when they thought they were at fault. Is. Coffin argues that these slaps on the wrist are little more than a holiday for the biggest names in the game. Fans have become accustomed to a medium-sized streamer cheating or catching another low-level Mistap and paying the price. The difference with someone like XQc is that there is no giant bottom to go back when it goes sideways.

“A ban doesn’t mean anything,” he explained During a video. “Dr. Streaming in a bathroom was banned for a month. He came back stronger than before … If I was banned, would I really care? Probably not, because a ban doesn’t really matter. You take a short break, and come back. ”

“It’s weird that banning a large streamer is one of the best scenarios that actually becomes zero,” he added, and then immediately drew attention to the consistency on the platform. “Twitch can’t really change the rules about how someone is banned based on their top streamers, it’s not really right. I’m glad they’re keeping it consistent. ”

Recently, Streamer talked about it The religion of the murderer is useless Form as a GOTY candidate.

“Do I think this could be the game of the year?” Absolutely not, ”said Kaffe. “Game of the Year is given to titles that don’t really try. you know what I mean? Game developers for this game, don’t get me wrong, they do the best. However, the direction of the game is cash. The direction of the game is to polish everything, not to be perfect, make sure all the lip sinks are good, make sure all the animations are good. They could if they wanted to. They really could. It will only take a long time. This is not the name of the game. The name of this game is to get something relatively fast here that people can spend hundreds of hours. And that’s it. It is not eligible for Game of the Year. ”

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