The commissioner returned to the world’s tallest building at the invitation of Expo Dubai

The commissioner returned to the world's tallest building at the invitation of Expo Dubai

To celebrate the reopening of British borders to passengers from the United Arab Emirates in August, Emirates airline invited visitors after a flight attendant placed atop the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building in Dubai – Repeated this feat for the world to know the World Fair Expo 2020.

The event, which promotes innovations from around the world in nearly 200 pavilions, has been held in the emirate from October 2021 to March this year, due to a period of isolation to contain the COVID-19 pandemic for almost two years. There is a significant delay. ,

As in the first viral ad, the professional is seen holding a series of playing cards – in the best style movie “Simply love”—and joking about being “still there” for the first time and being able to see the exhibition center from your vantage point in the sky.

It also includes the arrival of the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the Airbus A380, which was retired by the manufacturer late last year but which is a favorite of the airline for its luxurious and spacious interior. no wonder, It was Emirates that bought the last aircraft of this model, manufactured in December 2021.

Also in August, the company released a behind-the-scenes video of the ad with Nicole Smith-Ludwick – a professional skydiving expert portrayed as one of the company’s flight attendants – climbing to the top of the building, At 828 meters high.

In addition to practicing with safety equipment that prepared her to climb into the skies over Dubai and handle cards, Nicole had to hold her breath as she climbed on foot from the 160th floor to the tip of the building for more than an hour. Top. Burj Khalifa has 154 floors open to the public and 9 more maintenance floors.

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To reach the final result, the A380 had to fly 11 times around the building at a speed of 145 knots, approximately 268.5 km/h, a very slow speed for an aircraft of this size. The plane also passed about 800 meters from Nikol and took off over Al Wasl Plaza, orbiting Dubai, where Expo 2020 is taking place.

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