The crater in Mexico reaches 120 meters and swallows houses and dogs

The crater in Mexico reaches 120 meters and swallows houses and dogs

A hole reaching 124 meters in diameter swallowed a house who was threatened for almost 1 month In Santa Maria Zacatepec in rural Mexico.

According to Mexico News Daily, the property completely disappeared on Monday (14) about a week ago, with only one bedroom and the wall of the other room still on the ground.

“We have nothing,” said one of the property’s residents, Heriberto Sanchez. “We are not from here, we have no relatives here, we are alone,” lamented the man.

An unnamed source told the local newspaper that even last week, two dogs, identified as Spike and Spay, spent four days in the hole. Nevertheless, firefighters saved the animals alive.

When asked about the status of the Sánchez family, Puebla state governor Miguel Barbosa said they would get new land and that officials had the task of building a new home.

The hole appeared on May 29. Residents heard a loud bang, which they thought came from lightning. But it was actually caused by the formation of the crater, which was initially about 30 meters in diameter.

The opening had already reached 80m in just three days, surpassing 120 in recent days.

In the photographs of the “Phantom”, it is possible to see the house, now surrounded, on the edge of the circle, which is filled with water, at a depth of about 45 meters.

Earlier this month, CNN reported that public agencies had begun an investigation into the cause of the incident, which could take up to 30 days to complete.

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