The Croatian missile has stunned the world. Rimac Navera is the fastest car in the world

The Croatian missile has stunned the world.  Rimac Navera is the fastest car in the world

The Rimac Navara is a four-motor-powered supersport with a total output of 1,408 kW. Thanks to this, he became the speed record holder.

Croatian company Rimac is becoming an increasingly respected manufacturer in the field of supercars, after all. He is also currently working with the famous Bugatti. His reputation earned him an electric drive, which For the newly introduced Remake Navara this year Won the title of fastest production car in the world.

However, we are not talking about the absolute speed record in terms of achieving the highest speed, but rather about the sprint discipline. The Rimac Navera managed to surpass the well-watched sprint for a quarter of a mile, especially in the US, with an amazing time of 8,582 seconds, which is a record among production cars. In the end, the car reached a speed of 269.52 km / h.

In collaboration with experts from the DragTimes company, the ride took place at Famoso Raceway, a California dragster track. That’s where Brooks Weisblatt comes in, who got behind the wheel of a car during a record-breaking drive. The record was set for the eleventh attempt, but the car did not show any lack of performance. Navera, however, wore Michelin Pilot Sport 4S series tires while driving, which makes the timing even more respectable.

At the same time, the ride was supervised by local commissioners, for which Croatian supersport can indeed claim an independently confirmed world record. At the same time, they were expected to be somehow, before The Navarra prototype managed to cover a quarter mile during testing with a time of 8.95 seconds. It was already significantly faster than the Bugatti Chiron Sport, which mastered the discipline in 9.4 seconds in 2018, proving that the electric drive has a major advantage in acceleration.

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Related to this is the fact that Rimac’s biggest rival in terms of sprinting prowess is the American Tesla. It was his Model S in the top version of Plaid that held the previous sprint record. He completed a quarter of a mile in 9,247 seconds, with a top speed of 244.8 km/h. A lot is expected from the new generation Tesla Roadster, which would like to say more than just a big luxury model.

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