The family receives approximately R$25 million in the United States from golf club damage; see photos

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Quite a hefty sum… I mean: not one, many! A family in the state of Massachusetts in the United States received an amount of approximately US$5 million (about $24.8 million) after golf balls blew their home. The details of this curious story emerged this Wednesday (27), revealed by TMZ Sports.

The Tenzar family has lived in the residence at the Indian Pond Country Club in the city of Kingston for nearly four years. The problem is that the property is located close to the straight line of the 15th hole of the golf course. Result of this? total disaster. According to the family’s attorney, Robert Galvin, about 700 golf balls have already arrived in the house. View photos:

In the clubs sights, 26 windows have already been destroyed in this period and need to be replaced. All this, not to mention a side part of the house, which was also finished. “It’s really a safety issue for them. They’re literally sitting inside your house and golf balls hitting your windows.”Galvin said.

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The family took the matter to court and got a positive result. A Plymouth County judge handed the case over to the Tenzars, awarding them $100,000 for damages and $3.4 million for suffering over that period. Indian Pond defended itself by saying that it was not to blame for the situation. The club argued that the family should have been aware that living near the golf course would pose some risks, but Justice did not buy the idea…

The “bombing” of golf balls caused great damage to his family. (Photo: Robert W. Galvin)

Ultimately, the club is appealing the decision. However, some changes have already been made. According to the family’s lawyer, the 15th hole of the golf course was moved and placed a short distance from the players, to keep the Tenzar House out of the way of the balls. And now, the cash-only jackpot, huh?

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