The first truly next-game game is a one-sided but impressive performance – TechCrunch

The first truly next-game game is a one-sided but impressive performance - TechCrunch

The next generation of gaming is here with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – except not because there aren’t nearly as many next-generation games to play on. Demons The first is the title that can really be called Next-Gen, and it shows – although it’s a remake of a PS3 game … that shows.

Original Demons Was a fantastic impressive game. Its sequel, Dark Souls, Was much more popular and improved than before, but much has already been done to improve the current series. Practicing “like a flower” is now a genre, although the reality is still not surprising nonpareil.

Something comparable that played Demons Glad to hear it was being rebuilt, and on it by BluePoint (who also remade the old days) The shadow of Colossus), But worried that the game might not meet modern standards.

Is there any old game, the essentials that are a decade behind its successor, that can actually be given, in fact, in fact, Ridiculous A nice coat of paint and still a blockbuster next-public Debbie? Works as? Well, that’s the way to go – there’s no choice! Luckily the game really does hold on, and actually makes for a tragic, cinematic experience despite some significant crickets.

I don’t want to give a full review of the game myself; Suffice it to say, although it looks better and runs, the basis of the game has changed almost completely. Any review from the last decade is still entirely relevant, with “magic is high” and “the burden of things is annoying.”

As a next-game experience, however, Demons Is still without comparison. This not only serves as a demonstration of the PS5’s graphical power, but also its sound design, heptics, speed and OS.

Image Credit: Sony

First, the graphics. It’s clear that Sony and BluePoint intended to make it a really great remake, and the game’s structure – essentially five long, mostly linear levels – provides a great platform for a closer look at the user experience.

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The environments themselves are incredibly detailed, and the different enemies you fight felt very well, but what impressed me was the light. Realistic lighting is something that even top-level developers have found difficult, and it’s only now that the hardware has enough headroom to get it started.

Demons Doesn’t use ray-tracing, computation-heavy lighting techniques are being applied over and over again, but real-time lighting effects are still dramatic and very entertaining. It’s a dark, dark world and the player is very limited to personal light sources, meaning the way you experience the environment is carefully crafted.

While the elaborate costumes, props and monsters are all great, it’s the realistic lighting that sets them up in a way that looks really new and beautiful. Dynamic range is used to accurately darken, in fact, to illuminate dark areas in a dramatic way, such as the still terrifying tower of Latria.

Image Credit: Sony

The game isn’t a big leap forward to offer a better PC right now, but it does inspire me for game designers who really want to use light and shadow as an element of gameplay.

(Incidentally, don’t bother with the “performance” vs. “cinematic” option. The latter game keeps the silk smooth, which is a luxury for Souls games, and the second setting doesn’t improve that much, if not at all.) , While badly affecting the framerate. Leave it until you get a glamor shot.)

Similarly, the sound in the game is very good, although I’m aware of hyping Sony’s “3D audio” – in fact, games have brought this kind of thing to many platforms over the years. It is important to have a unique pair of headphones. But perhaps the PS5 offers a better workflow for temporary sound; At all events in Demons It was great, with great separation, location and clarity. Noticing the characteristic of the attacking enemy, and recognizing the roar and thunder of dragons and boss monsters (as well as in general), I confidently dodged the enemy’s attack from off screen. The middle The lottery) were quite cool.

A Sony Dual License Controller seen above.

Image Credit: Sony

This was closely linked to the improved hepatics of the dual license controller, which seemed to have a different “sensation” for each event. A flying dragon, a demon stumbling on the ground, an intercepted attack, an elevator ride. Most of these were nice and just aided sinks, but some, like lifts, made me feel more like an annoying echo than a mess, like grabbing an electric tool. I hope developers are aware of these things and identify vibration patterns that are flammable. Fortunately the intensity can be adjusted widely in the control of the PS5.

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Favorable triggers were good but not game changers. When using a bow it was helpful to know when the arrow was released, for example, but it was not used much beyond a few things.

The thing that struck me most quickly was the huge impact it had on me at the time. The series of Souls at the time of travel and death has been haunted by a long period of time, after which you can expect to do a lot. But now it’s too little for me to count before three on the halfway point again.

It significantly reduces (but eliminates) the frustration in this unforgettable game, and actually makes me want to play it differently. Where once I could not afford to travel to another area or hub briefly to complete a few small tasks, now I know that I can return to the alliance, with a little confidence in my loadout. I can, and I can get back to Boleria in 30 seconds. Flat If I die, I’m back in five seconds instead of twenty, and believe me, that’s really fast. (Load time has been improved on PS5 games as well as on board running on PS5.)

Supporting this is a kind of new fancy pause screen that Sony has implemented on its new console. When pressing the (annoying PS-shaped) PS button, a bunch of “cards” appear showing the latest achievements and screenshots, but also indicating the progress of ongoing missions or the game. Stopping to breathe in the lattice, Menu immediately offered the ability to wrap up another world, lost my life but usually missed the required Nexus stop. This will definitely change how Spiderman is accomplished, and provides a useful, if slightly immersive, alternative to the scatterbrained player.

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The pause menu provides a summary of tips and hints, both in text and video formats. Again, these include Debbie. It’s a funny game to do (I don’t count Astro’s playroom, Included game / tech demo, which is fun but mediocre), as a special feature of Souls series is player-generated notes and ghosts that alternately alert new players and deceive them. . In another game I’ll probably rely more on the PS5’s hints, but for this particular title they seem a bit silly.

Arguably just the “real” PS5 launch title, Demons Is a curious but influential creature. It certainly shows the new console to benefit in some ways, but the game itself is (although still surprisingly) dated in many ways, limiting its possibilities to be displayed in the first place.

Definitely a remake is the best (and most, only) way to play a classic, and so it is recommended to be alone – although the ਦੀ 70 price tag (more in Europe and elsewhere) is definitely a Is the second. One would expect that for the new high asking price, we can expect next generation gameplay as well as next generation trimming. Well, for now we have to get what we can get.

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