The first truly wireless television. Electric too!

Sans fil, mais uniquement pour un écran d’environ 40 pouces. © Reasonance

A Russian start-up has unveiled a television whose power supply is devoid of cable. This system, based on magnetic resonance, allows television to be moved approximately 1 meter away from its power supply module.

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In addition to the novelties put forward by various television manufacturers during this CES 2021, there are concepts. LG is over by presenting Transparent screen For example glass can be integrated into partitions or even into a “smart” bed. The concept of a Russian company called Echo Also seen during this 100% virtual version of CES.

It is a television completely devoid of cables and even for its power supply. Cut the data supply wire and let them pass through the waves, that’s one thing … to do the sameEnergy Too much problematic. Hence, Samsung In 2019 started this adventure in vain. Their process magnetic resonance Did not give enough power to the TV to function properly.

A power and screen size range

Today, Reasonance states that it has managed to find a solution by improving the process. There is a receiving coil behind the TV. Second reel ofprogram, Which is attached to the main, is placed about 50 cm from the TV With a maximum distance of about one meter. The two modules do not need to face each other to work.

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To hide this module, it would be possible to keep it in one Wall. The only problem in history is that the technology does not allow more than 120 W to be delivered. With this power, it is not possible to supply large screens. Thus, the concept unveiled by Reason was limited to 40 inches diagonally. In contrast, the company claims that this technology magnetic resonance Can be 90% more profitable than currently available. It can be used for other products, such as The drone, Robots, even electric cars.

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