The future of the game and the economic relationship with cryptocurrencies


Professional football is experiencing a historic moment in 2021. Out of focus of matches and tournaments due to pandemic, transfer of center ahead David barral DUX International de Madrid is the first in paid history in cryptocurrency. Payment method information was confirmed by the team, which decided not to share the transaction amount.

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Trading in crypto takes place only after the purchase of a Spanish team by DUX Gaming, a company associated with electronic games and eSports. This indicates that it is likely that future club signings may also be made using this payment method. The resource is used, at least in the long run, to influence the financial divisions of other clubs who may start using cryptocurrency.

Another point connected to the former Real Madrid player’s conversation – David paved the way for the main team in 2002, and in Team B in 2004, where he gained more fame – is that the transfer was made Bitcoin Through a specific company to the business model.

Although this seems a new step in the midst of already known payment methods, there is no guarantee that the model will become a global trend. This is because, in most cases, teams are superseded by new off-field techniques. Another factor for clubs not using cryptocurrency may be directly related to the maximum unit of football, FIFA rules, which should, in principle, oversee all negotiations and transfers, especially involving teams from different countries Ones. But the future of the game is something to think about.

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Brazilian Teams and Cryptocurrencies

Even though there is still no transfer on Brazilian soil with digital currencies, Avaí launched in 2018, its own Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Avaí FC Token, created in partnership with Sportico and football investments Specialist in Blackbridge Sports.

“Our target is US $ 20.46 million, with a minimum limit of US $ 8 million. A maximum of 20.46 million tokens (93%) in Crodsdale, valued at $ 1, will be available for purchase. The club said at the time that 1,540,000 DALY tokens (7%) would be retained by AY FC.

Other Cryptocurrency Transfer

This time out of four lines of the most played game in the world, NFL player Russell Okun announced in December 2020 that he would receive half of his bitcoin contract. The transfer amount was US $ 13 million (R $ 67 million). The athlete then became the first and only to receive his salary through cryptography.

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