The Gemini Meter Showers peaked on Sunday and Monday nights

The Gemini Meter Showers peaked on Sunday and Monday nights
Although showers can appear late Sunday and Monday evenings, around 2pm is the best time to watch the weather even if you’re in the world, according to the forecast. Arthaski. This is when the point of illumination – the point from which the visible radiation appears – is the highest in the sky. Check to see when they arrive in your part of the world Here.
Although the Gemini Shower is known for its “shooting stars”, the number of viewing meters depends on the time and place. How dark the sky is. Fortunately, the moon will be only 1% complete, according to AMS, so it will be easier to see the meters passing across the sky.

Hurricane 3200 Phaethon is responsible for this season’s showers, which is unusual because it is usually smoky, not hail, with storm debris that produces meters of rain. Scientists have debated the nature of what Phaethon is. A ship tracked close to Earth has been compared to a comet, hence the name “rock comet”.

Phaethon was discovered in October 1983 and is named after a Greek myth about the son of the sun god, Helios, because it is so close to our sun.

Phaethon orbits the Sun close to another planet and takes 1.4 years to complete its orbit. The storm heats up to about 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit as it approaches the sun, causing dust to ignite.

These particles cause meteor showers when they rise to a depth of 22 miles per second in the Earth’s atmosphere and form steam in the lines we call “shooting stars”.

For the best viewing opportunity, visit a place that is not lit by the city’s bright lights. If you are able to locate the area affected by mild pollution, meters can be seen every two minutes from 10 pm to morning.

According to AMS, meteors will be visible around the world, but they will be more visible in the northern golfer than in the golfer. People living under the Mediterranean will be most likely to see shooting stars in the middle of the night, and even then, they will be less visible than in the northern golfers.

Find an open area with wide views of the sky, and do not forget to tie. Make sure you have a chair or blanket so you can see directly. And give your eyes about 20 to 30 minutes to adjust to the darkness – without looking at your phone – so it’s easier to see the meter.

If you can’t see the shower from your location, NASA A. Live broadcast.

Total solar eclipse

The people of South America will be treated for the final total solar eclipse of 2020 on Monday.

During a total solar eclipse, the moon will completely block the sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona, to form a beautiful ring of light.

The path to perfection for this eclipse will be visible to all who are from Slive Daily EJ, Svedra, Argentina, Chile. The eclipse should last only two minutes to allow the coming weather on this route.

If you’re on the road, check it out To see the eclipse time in your area. And don’t forget to wear eclipse glasses while watching the sun. It is unsafe to see the sun except when it is completely blocked – when it is completely blocked by the moon.

In southern Chile and Argentina, people outside this route will see partial solar eclipses.

NASA will Live broadcast View from Chile at 9:40 a.m. and Monday – so even if you’re not in South America, you can still see this breathtaking view.

This story was originally updated from a story published in December 2019.

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