The giant turtle, considered extinct 100 years ago, has been found alive in the Galápagos Islands

After genetic analysis, Ecuador confirmed that the animal belonged to the species Chalonoidis phantasticus, which has not been seen since 1906.

Reproduction Twitter Gustavo Manriq_MThe giant tortoise was spotted two years ago on the island of Fernandina, but its species has only now been confirmed.

Hey Ecuador On Wednesday, 26 it was confirmed that a female giant turtle of this species has been found. Chelonoidis phantasticus No Galápagos National Park. Following the announcement, preparations began for an expedition to discover more specimens of the animal, which biologists believed to have gone extinct a century ago. The giant tortoise in question was spotted two years ago on Fernandina Island, but its species was confirmed this year by scientists at Yale University, who compared the DNA of the animal found in 2019 to the genetic material stored in 1906. The sample celebrated the discovery through his Twitter profile by Environment Minister Gustavo Manrique, who wrote: “Hope remains intact”. Danny Rueda, director of the Galápagos National Park, said the novelty “undoubtedly renews our hope of recovering” of the species. Over time, populations of giant turtles have also been devastated by volcanic eruptions and human poaching.

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