The Golden Globes reach their 79th edition, Hollywood is no longer beloved

The Golden Globes reach their 79th edition, Hollywood is no longer beloved

From time to time the Golden Globes get caught up in scandals that undermine its credibility. The following Sunday, 7, when the traditional Hollywood program arrives in its 79th edition without any glamor, when it was considered an award episodic for television and cinema, there will be no press coverage on the red carpet, following the stampede of the NBC broadcast. Leave it alone. From the public other than broadcasters or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which has been targeted in reporting by the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times.

This year, the handover ceremony will be discreet. Instead of a trendy cast made up of recognizable faces on the pages of celebrity magazines, with actors revealing the winners, the party won’t be rocking, as it did in a live broadcast on Youtube in December last year, where musician Snoop Dogg and Journalist Helen Hohen, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association responsible for the award, explained who would compete in which category. No TV. No stars. It missed less.

In Hollywood, however, the show should never stop. Even as NBC dropped the highest-rated non-sports show in the United States, whose rights to broadcast in 2020 cost $27.4 million, the Oscars living room tried to maintain some consistency — past Without deviations, such as “O Turista”, the terrifying film starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Deep, and “Emily in Paris”, a Mequetref series – among actors, actresses, directors, foreign and foreign films, now pre-acclaimed gold K are in the running to take the trophy from Globo.

In the Best Drama Film category, for example, Controversy brings together works that were being discussed well at the beginning of the year, such as a drama that escapes the clichés of the Old West “Attack dos Doges”. “, by the New Zealand director Jen Campion, a great favorite idol to photograph. Others in the fight are Reynaldo Marcus Greene’s “King Richards: Champion Children”, “At the Heart’s Rhythm”, a Cyan Heder film, “Dune”, by Denis Villeneuve, and the comedy “Belfast”, by Kenneth Branah.

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Penelope Cruz plays fashion photographer in Pedro Almodovar’s new film

But in the case of cinephilia, Best Feature is set to come in the Best Foreign Film category. Responsible for putting Spanish cinema into theatres, Pedro Almodovar investigates in “Madres Parelas” Spain’s Francoist past. Penépol Cruz plays a middle-aged fashion photographer who is having an affair with a married man. In the maternity hospital, about to give birth, there is no trace of the father. She shares a room with a younger lady. Both are single. One is middle aged, she had a planned pregnancy. Second, a teenager, who was just 17 years old, accidentally became pregnant and fears what might happen to her.

Another hotshot in the foreign film category is “A maio de des” by Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino. A Felinian with traces of classic Italian comedy, the feature’s title refers to a goal scored by Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona in the ’86 World Cup in a game against England, whose mystic and Maradona feats are part of the background that Supports character. Chief in his pursuit of cinema, the loss of virginity with an older woman, Auntie who bathes naked and stuns her, communist father. Write down: Footage.

There are also the movies “Drive My Car” and A Hero. Inspired by the short stories “Men Without Women” by Japanese author Haruki Murakami, the first person takes viewers to reflect on the emptiness left by the passing of their loved one. It is a production from Land of the Rising Sun directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, which follows the story of Yosuke Kafuku, a successful actor and theater director who marries a beautiful screenwriter: about their relationship when she dies. I have questions, have never tried to understand the regrets left. It hasn’t started in Brazil yet.

“Um Heroi”, an Iranian production signed by Asghar Farhadi, tells the story of Rahim. He is in jail for a debt he could not pay. He got parole, but only for two days. Then, rolling up his sleeves, he tries to persuade his creditor to withdraw the complaint, pledging to pay the amount owed to him. However, nothing is so easy. And this synopsis, in short, fails to explain the complexity of one oppressive capitalism, imprisoning each other in debt.

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Dedicated to the New Yorker’s beautiful journalism and its literary reporting, director Wes Anderson and “A Chronica Francesa” deserved a faint mention in the soundtrack category. A little bit The same thing happened with “No Look Up”, a satire inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “Doctor Fantastico”. Both come in handy in the context of the rise of extremist practices and discourses, as one praises good journalism, while the other laughs at a group that is against science. Justo’s first behind the camera to compete for best direction was the film “The Daughter’s Departure,” directed by actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Already “Lupin”, “The Morning Show”, “Pose”, “Round 6” and “Succession” were nominated in the category of Best Drama Series. and “The Great Hacks”, “Only Murders in the Building”, “Reservations”, “Dogs” and “Ted Lasso”, in Best Music Series or Comedy. “Morning Show”, an important US television news program following the Me Too movement addressing sexual harassment behind the scenes, put the daily life of COVID-19 on the scene. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are doing well. It is no coincidence that, among television productions, it leads the list of nominations with four nominations.

Know Where to Watch Top Movies

dog attack

The film “Attack on Dogs” places George as Phil and Jesse Plemons, the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch, at the center of the story. They are brothers, they have purchasing power and they have a farm in Montana. However, their similarities end there. If the first is an interesting but cruel boy, then the second is kind and understanding, quite different from his brother. It is available on Netflix.

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parallel moms

For the first time, the legacy of Francoism will be addressed directly by the filmmaker. “Mes Parelas” won’t be as self-reflective as Almodovar’s latest film, “Dor e Gloria,” but it is the director’s most introspective take on politics. In the work, Almodovar returns to the realm of melodrama. It hasn’t started in Brazil yet. According to Variety, Netflix will distribute the feature earlier this year.

don’t look UP

Kate and Randall visit the President of the States, Jenny Orlan. They know that an asteroid will destroy Earth. He saw a laughing stock for subordinate journalism. Scientists, together with Dr. Clayton Oglethorpe of NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office, uncover this problem. but who cares? Not Jenny. Nor is her office about the incapacitated, the deniers, and the powerful who worry about money, fame, beautiful hair, and other such little things. It is also on Netflix.

hand of god

“A maio de des” tells the story of a boy, Fabieto Schisa, played by Filippo Scotti in 1980s Naples, where football legend Diego Maradona would play after leaving Barcelona. However, a surprising tragedy. The title is a tribute by filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino to a hand goal scored by an Argentine ace at the ’86 World Cup. “A maio de des” is in the Netflix catalogue.

the morning show

Bradley Jackson continued to pursue “The Morning Show” with a new partner. But he is not satisfied. So, she tries at all costs to go to the evening paper when she gets trapped by Corey herself. He sends Bradley’s new partner to the newspaper based on his idea that the only way to save the show, which is in freefall in ratings and quality, is to bring back Alex Levy. The series is on Apple TV+.

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