The Hello Infinite campaign is compared to the 2020 version on video

Imagem de: Campanha de Halo Infinite é comparada com versão de 2020 em vídeo

hello infinity Series X is one of the most anticipated games on Xbox since it was announced. The campaign reveals that the videos that surfaced in 2020 generated many controversial reactions, but the work done to bring the game up to its players’ expectations has borne fruit. Check out the comparison to reach your own conclusion:

The video above was created by Game Informer, who had a chance to pre-play the same stage shown. campaign trailer video What we saw last year. Obviously, the site didn’t have much control over how often it could replay the level, as they didn’t try to replicate the moves seen in the trailer, which makes comparisons a bit difficult. But obviously, cutscenes can be compared completely side by side.

In addition to changes in textures and special effects, you can see that the work has changed a lot in the lighting aesthetics, making the game clear and sharp for the final release.

One change that has nothing to do with technology and is just an option for developers is that the hologram that talks to the Master Chief in the end no longer transitions to the real world, remaining as a hologram. . It was a stylistic feature that was probably sacrificed to mistake someone for a teleporter or something.

hello infinity The day it arrives on PC and Xbox 8 December,

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