The hostess punches the passenger and loses two teeth. world

The hostess punches the passenger and loses two teeth.  world
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Passenger thrown punch and flight attendant, whose two teeth were broken

A flight attendant Lost two teeth
After being physically attacked by one The traveler
Last Sunday morning (23) on a Southwest Airlines flight from Sacramento to San Diego, USA.

According to an interview given to TV Fox 40
By airline spokesperson, 28-year-old passenger Vyviana Quinonez ignored the flight crew’s constant instructions to wear a seat belt during the flight, lock the retractable table, and use the seat correctly. Mask
. Upon landing, she would have been verbally and physically Aggressive

The flight attendant reportedly disagreed and insisted that she and other family members had properly applied the face mask. Then the lady gave Punches
On the employee. The flight attendant’s nose and two teeth were fractured, along with other injuries to the face.

According to police, the flight attendant was taken to Memorial Scripps Hospital for treatment of “serious injuries” and the passenger was down Custody
Of the Police.

On Tuesday (25), Viviana was charged with assault, causing serious bodily injury by the San Diego Port Police and transporting her to the hospital. Las Colinus Detention Center.

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