The jail riots that ended in the death of 7 will be attended by the jail authorities

The jail riots that ended in the death of 7 will be attended by the jail authorities

Riot at Tacumbu National Prison, located in the capital city of Asincon Paraguay, Where seven detainees died, including some detainees, may have been attended by local prison agents, who take bribes. The prisoners were killed during the riots on Tuesday (16), allegedly after the transfer of a member PCC (First command of the capital), Orlando Benfren Benitez.

According to information provided by the Minister of Justice, Cecilia Perez, there is a corruption scheme within the peninsula, where agents charged bribes from detainees so that they could benefit. Yet according to the minister, a riot occurred after Orlando discovered his escape from prison.

But, member of PCC Before finally being transferred he could avoid the austerity that caused all the riots, which Ended in death of seven prisoners: Carlos Raul Casco Rosas, 25, Fernando Ortiz Echevarria, 27, Julio Cesar Gonzalez Cesares, 40, Julio Cesar Shomeme Barrios, 31, Roberto Rios, 54, and Alcides Ramone Gonzalez, 26.

According to information, an internal investigation is being conducted in the peninsula and evidence of corruption has been found by investigators, but details of what was discovered have not been revealed. The minister said that soon it will be revealed who are the participants in the corruption scheme inside the peninsula.

Orlando’s escape previously took place through an underground tunnel, but is not yet located by police.

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