The Last of Us: Ellie Cosplay Is So Perfect It Looks Like The Game

The Last of Us: Ellie Cosplay Is So Perfect It Looks Like The Game

the last of us One of the biggest and best franchises exclusively for PlayStation, and its fan community is really passionate about its world and characters! Such is the case with cosplayer Sandra Miller, who created one of the best Ellie we’ve seen. See their pictures below!

in your Twitter And instagram Personal, Sandra posts beautiful photos inspired by Ellie’s look The Last of Us Part 2And the result was so good that a quick look at it looks like it’s an image captured within the game itself:

“I would like to add that, once again, it was my sister who took the photo,” Sandra explained in the following post. “She’s not a professional photographer or anything, but with a lot of patience and using original reference material, she’s got this result. Because of how talented she is!”

On Instagram, you can find even more images from this sensational shoot, as well as dozens and dozens of other Ellie-inspired photos from both the first and second games.

Seeing these beautiful pictures, we want to play more remakes the last of us part 1Which will be released on September 2 on PlayStation 5 and in the future on PC!

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