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Hey Whatsapp messenger Has been the subject of yet another controversy. All because the company announced Will start sharing user data with Facebook, Master of the messenger.

This change will take effect on 8 February – but Was postponed to 15 May – And you must necessarily agree to share this data to continue using WhatsApp.

Amidst the whirlwind of user complaints, two other messaging apps began to stand out among the most downloaded rankings in the App Stores and, as a result, gained more users. I mean, here, a Wire and to The hint.

Both are widely recognized for better functions in WhatsApp, being more transparent with users about data collection, and for more security functions.

Therefore, we have decided to show some differences here that distinguish the three applications. Thus, you will be able to decide which one is best suited for your use. come?


WhatsApp Wire The hint
Mac 4 4 4
PC (Windows) 4 4 4
PC (Linux) 4 4 4
Iphone 4 4 4
ipad 4 4 4
Android 4 4 4
Web 4 4 4
Extension 4 क्रोम (chrome) 4

Groups and Messages

When it comes to the number of participants in groups, there is a big discrepancy between the three messengers:

  • WhatsApp: Up to 256 members;
  • The hint: Up to 1 thousand;
  • Wire: Up to 200 thousand (you did not read it wrong).

Telegram is also one of only three that allows you to use a username (@seunome) To communicate with other people; Despite this, a phone number is required to activate Messenger.

Another distinguishing feature of Telegram is the possibility of making polls on groups and channels (both in and below).

In addition to simple chat, Telegram leads with so-called secret chat. Through them, you can choose a certain time so that the messages are automatically deleted after reading.

All three applications offer video calls; In case of signal and telegram, till now you can call with just one person. For those using WhatsApp, Video calls can be made in groups of eight.


In addition to traditional groups, there is also telegram Channels, Which is ideal for those who want to reach a large audience with their information, as the number of participants in groups is limited. These channels can only be “fed” by their creators / administrators, making interaction in traditional groups impossible.

Hey MacMagazine, For example, Telegram has two channels: one through which You get articles published here And the other one You check the main promotion in apple world. 4


Here, we have already entered into a topic of interest to all. Three messengers have features that help protect you, such as end-to-end encrypted messages. This means that no one but you and the other person will be able to see the content of the messages in the chat.

In the case of a signal, you can activate a function that allows sent messages to be automatically deleted when the recipient sees them. These are called “almanac messages”, which can be directly enabled in the setting of each conversation.

Telegram, as I said above, features secret chats; already WhatsApp recently implemented the option to disappear with a message after seven days (You set it in the chat itself).

Another interesting feature of the signal is that it offers the possibility of blurring the face while sending photos. These resources are so important that even Freedom of the Press Foundation (An organization known for protecting press freedom) financed the messenger.

In all three apps, you can also add an extra layer of security via Face ID or Touch ID authentication and two-step verification, which is highly recommended.

data repository

like iOS 14.3, Apple has launched a kind of “nutrition table” on the App Store app pages, where developers explain what data has been collected and how to use it.

See what each app has collected:

WhatsApp Wire The hint
Shopping 4 4 4
financial information 4 4 4
place 4 4 4
contact information 4 4 4
contact 4 4 4
User content 4 4 4
Identifier 4 4 4
usage data 4 4 4
The diagnosis 4 4 4

As we can see, WhatsApp is the champion in data collection from users. In the opposite direction we have a signal, which only reaches your phone number.

The bot

The bot (Small programs that run inside the messenger) are so popular on Telegram that we decided to create just one section for them. 4

And nothing better than an example to explain their abilities: Suppose you want to send a YouTube video to a friend. When start a chat Bot @youtube, You can search the video and send it directly to the person. All within the application itself.

Do you like it? Below, i did something different The bot Cold:

  • @Transcriber_bot: Ideal for those who receive many audio messages, but don’t have much patience to listen to them. Hey Bot Describes what is said in the audio and sends you the text.
  • @GmailBotYes, through this Bot You can read and even reply to your email!
  • @Wiki: Here, you can do a quick search using Wikipedia.
  • @CalcuBot: Ideal for those who need to do quick calculations.


Well, with this information, you already have a good basis to choose which is your favorite messenger. Of course, you will also need to make sure that the people with whom you usually communicate are also – and today, without a doubt, the biggest asset of WhatsApp.

Oh, and if you have any cool resource tips for one of these three messengers, share us in the comments. 4

Telegram messenger app icon

Signal App Icon - Private Messenger


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