The Miami Heat will have a sector only for fans vaccinated in their NBA games – Diario do Sudost

The Miami Heat will have a sector only for fans vaccinated in their NBA games - Diario do Sudost
The Miami Heat plans to open two sections of its gym only to vaccinated fans. The opening game of this new wing should take place against the Golden State Warriors on April 1. The Florida team was the first team in the NBA to make such an announcement, although other clubs are also working on similar plans.

Even for vaccinated fans, the use of masks will still be necessary, but social detachment rules will be relaxed to some extent in these areas. Fans will be separated by only one seat.

The Miami Heat decision comes after warnings by NBA teams that such classes would be permitted under specific conditions and in accordance with local and state health and safety guidelines. “You are already feeling that things are starting to change and move in a more positive direction,” said Heat coach Eric Spoelstra. “I remember the first game at the beginning of the season, when nobody was in the gym. It was a horrific experience. “

Vaccinated fans will be recruited through a separate gate and will be required to show vaccination cards from the Centers for Disease Control. To enter the gym, fans must be fully vaccinated (two doses or one dose) at least 14 days in advance.

In the past few weeks, the Miami Heat had already allowed a small number of fans to participate in their games – dogs were used to detect the virus at the entrances. The Heat are also one of the teams (New Orleans, Atlanta and Portland are the others) that have already begun the process of vaccinating players and coaching staff members. “Things are changing,” Spoelstra said. “We can’t all wait until we have a gym again, and the same goes for other arenas.”

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Under NBA rules in classes for vaccinated fans, children are not allowed to enter, even if a parent or guardian has already been vaccinated. Teams are encouraged to have fans dedicated only to vaccinating areas with toilets, and to limit the chance that these fans will meet with others in the arena. In the United States, more than 100 million doses of the vaccine have been applied against Kovid-19. President Joe Biden has set a target of reaching 200 million doses implemented by April 30, the new government’s 100th day in office.

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