The minister said that Germany is already ordering vaccines for 2022

The woman shows her breasts with the word & # 034;  Freedom & # 034;  During a protest in Prague's Old Town Square, against sanctions adopted by the Czech government in dealing with the epidemic Photo: DAVID W CERNY / REUTERS - 10/01/2021

BERLIN – Germany is requesting vaccines for 2022 if regular or booster doses are needed to keep populations immune to the Kovid-19 variants, with Health Minister Jens Spann saying Saturday that Europe’s slow rate of vaccination In the midst of growing disappointment.

Speaking in an online meeting with health professionals, Spann defended the progress made in obtaining and administering vaccines, saying that 2.3 million out of 83 million Germans had already received a single dose.

Let’s test: What is your place in the vaccine line?

European governments have faced criticism about supply and production bottlenecks, as vaccine manufacturers AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Modern have announced cuts in delivery volumes.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, was hurt by a second lockdown introduced in November, and the general public is jealous of the rapid rate of vaccination in Britain, Israel and the United States.

Closed doors to brazil

Germany has confirmed that it will veto, since Saturday, the entry of people from Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland, considered highly contagious due to variants of the new coronovirus. This measure, valid until at least 17 February, confirms an intention of the German government, Revealed on thursday, Noting that it will not wait for joint actions by the European Union to change its accession protocol.

Coronavirus:A year after the first death in China, the origin of coronovirus is unknown.

Europe, with over 731,000 deaths, is the region in the world that adds more deaths from the virus, and most of its countries are strengthening their measures to prevent the spread of variants found in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil Huh.

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