The NEO confirmed it as a 1960s rocket booster


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Scientists have confirmed suspicions that a strange near-Earth object (NEO) could cause 2020 SO. Baptized as a center rocket booster since the 1960s.

The discovery, made by astronomers in September in search of a star near Earth, sparked interest in the scientific community due to its unusual size and bit rabbits, and there was speculation as to what might happen.

Using the data collected on Of NASA Bit rabbit analysis by the Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) and Near-Earth Object Studies (CNOS) at NASA’s Jeet Propulsion Laboratory, scientists have now been able to confirm that it is a hypothetical object, possibly a centaur. NASA’s worst 1966 survey mission to the moon from a stage booster rocket.

The study found that the object had come close to the Earth several times over the decades, drawing its attention in 1966 to suggest that it may have originated on Earth. Comparing this data with the history of previous NASA missions, CNOS Director Paul Chodas concluded that 2020 could be an SO rocket.

Equipped with this knowledge, a team led by Vishnu Reddy, an associate professor at the Arizona Lunar and Home Laboratory and a home scientist, performed follow-up spectroscopy of the 2020 SO using NASA’s IRTF in Monkea, Hawaii. Initially confirmed that it was not a hurricane, and finally identified the unit as a 1960s rocket booster.

The 2020 SO came closest to Earth on December 1, 2020 and will remain within the Earth’s gravitational domain sphere, an area called the “Hill Sphere” that extends about 1.5 million kilometers from our planet until It doesn’t go into a new bit rabbit again. The sun in March 2021.

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