The new Battlefield 2042 mode will bring classic maps to the game

The new Battlefield 2042 mode will bring classic maps to the game

DICE hints at what’s to come in the first panel of EA Play Live 2021

a She started his EA Play Live 2021 called with small events EA Play Live Spotlights. Starting from the first panel titled “The Future of FPS”MILF Developers dice discussed about Battlefield 2042 gave more some information about New and mysterious game mode.

This new mode. being developed by the former says, now known as ripple effect studio. According to the head of this studio, Christian Grass, the mysterious new game mode, which has not yet received any details, will bring some favorite maps gives battlefield series by the community.

“I can’t say much about it, but what I can say is that a component of this experience that we’re creating is Without this some of these fan favorite map In Battlefield 2042. But to get the full experience, you have to wait a little longer before its revelation,” says Christian Grass.

on the website of She, the mode is described as “secret” and say it is “a . love letter to fans and those who have been playing Battlefield for a long time” and it would be totally Unveiled on the final day of EA Play Live during the main event that day July, 22.

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There’s another new game mode coming to Battlefield 2042 “danger zone” (Hazard Zone in English). Not much is known about this mod, other than the description on the website that says, “Build your team and enter the Risk Zone, a new multiplayer experience with High Risk”. Oskar Gabrielsson, general manager of DICE, said that the mode this is not battle royalebut he said he would reinvent your way.

Danger Zone is a squad-based mode with a lot of tension. This isn’t your classic battle royale, it’s a true contemporary mode“It’s something the team has been thinking about doing for many years,” Gabrielson says. It has some special components and it’s really going to showcase the superpowers of the battlefield and Dice at the same time.”

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Oscar Gabrielson says he expected to feel excitement and excitement about the announcement of Battlefield 2042, but instead felt “pure agony.” This is due to the many years of development of the game and one cannot predict the reaction of the public while receiving the announcement of the game.

EA announces series of events ahead of EA Play Live

EA announces series of events ahead of EA Play Live
It will be four days in which the developers will discuss their games.

In the coming days, before the final event EA Play Live on July 22, there will be a few more events with more debate about EA’s franchise, in addition Battlefield 2042. more information about Last day of the event. The game will be available on October 22 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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