The new feature allows Alexa to make decisions alone

The new feature allows Alexa to make decisions alone

Amazon’s famous virtual assistants can now turn on their robotic vacuum cleaners or turn off their smart lights on their own. Yes, you read it right. In September last year, the company was already Announced Which will soon initiate an update to allow Alexa to perform tasks according to the habits and requests of their connected devices in their user’s home, allowing them to perform tasks continuously, such as lights when not in use in the room Turn off automatically.

The feature, called Hunch (guess in free translation), is enabled by default, but Alexa will explain how to disable the function after giving its first shot. To access your preferences, open the Alexa app and choose the “More” option from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Choose “Settings”, scroll down and click “Hunch”.

This novelty was very interesting to me, as I have a coffee maker who uses this type of equipment. But I accept that it has the potential to go terribly wrong, especially if Alexa goes out of control and starts preparing my breakfast in the middle of the night. Imagine spending! And waste!

However, as of the information released so far, this feature is limited to smart locks, lights, plugs and thermostats. But if they have another device connected, the spokesperson said that users can “start receiving signals from technology that is based on how you typically use your connected devices.”

For now, it seems, my coffee is safe. Therefore, I ask for help in advance if it dares to spend intelligence slowly then what is my holiness.

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