The newspaper says that Google’s Argentine address was in the hands of a young man for a few hours. Technology

The newspaper says that Google's Argentine address was in the hands of a young man for a few hours. Technology

Website Google On Argentina The wind was off last Wednesday night (22). According to the newspaper “Clarins”, the reason was Exchange “” in domain registration.

A survey on the Nick Argentina website showed the organization responsible for registering the website’s address in the country The link was replaced by the owner and it was registered as Nicholas David Kurona.

Software engineer @FainPablo’s screenshot on Twitter shows a record of ‘’ from Nicholas David Kuruba. – Photo: Playback / Pablo Alejandro Fenn

On social media, Kurona stated that “she entered, noticed that the name” “was available” and that she “bought it legally”.

Facing the hundreds of questions he received on Twitter, The young man said that he was able to purchase the URL from Google Argentina because “the domain has expired”.

The newspapers “Clarin” and “La Nacion” reported that the Open Data Cordoba group dedicated to domain monitoring in Argentina indicated that the address of “” had not expired. But it changed hands: first from Google to Kurona and then back to Google.

The “Open Data Cordoba” group website shows ownership changes to the domain on 21 April 2021. – Photo: Reproduction / Open Data Cordoba

When Nick’s services were up and running, a search for the “” domain showed the technology giant’s assets with an expiration date of November 1, 2021.

Google also returned to work in Argentina in the early hours of Thursday.

In a statement to the local press, Google limited itself by saying that it had solved problems accessing the site without expanding the case.

“The problem affecting access to ‘has been resolved. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this situation and we are investigating the cause,” the spokesperson said.

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