The old version of Super Mario 64 still can’t be read on the switch

The old version of Super Mario 64 still can’t be read on the switch

There is a need to be very curious when it comes to this Super Mario 3D All Star, Nintendo’s new solid collection of three classic platforming games for the Nintendo Switch. But outside of the gameplay area, many fans wanted to know something special about the re-release: Can we finally read? “L is real“Sign-in Super Mario 64?

Come back soon, if you have never heard of this urban legend. When the revolutionary Mario game was released in 1996, some players noticed a sign saying “L is real.” Appeared reading. Well, if you hit hard enough. The symbol was very vague, but all the same, many took it as proof that somewhere, somewhere, Mario’s brother Luigi was hiding in the game.

In some ways, this conspiracy theory has been proven many times over. We know that, at one point, Nintendo really wanted to include Green Plabar. Super Mario 64, E.g. Incomplete assets within Gigalec were verified this year. And of course, Nintendo DS version of the game Already many years ago Luigi was made a playable character.

Still, the final validity would be to know that the sign said those terrible three words together, right? But as one Video from GameExplane Verification, unfortunately, is still not fully readable on the plaque switch. What gives?

Nevertheless, it is important to note Some enhancements and improvements In the collection, Super Mario 3D All Star Not a remake or remaster. Things are fixed, of course, but its a Nintendo Switch version Super Mario 64 The property was built in the mid-90s for very low resolution that is still working with. If a graphical asset was not readable before, it will Still Be obscure on large sizes – after all, text doesn’t change automatically.

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As our review says“Any monochromatic objects in the world – such as Mario’s wide, or Copa’s green skin – still look great, because the texture of a single color fits perfectly at high resolution.

“But a lot Mario 64In the world of which there are texts Are not The only color. The grassy mountain wall outside the Peach Fort and the water surface in the Dyer Dyer docks both seem to have used text for a system running at 320×240 decades ago. “

The word on the road to Nintendo hackers is the collection Full copyThat may be for the readable position of the sign. The pixels have not been updated; For the most part

Similarly, people looking at the sign are still swearing they can give a little better detail now – although they can’t say for sure.. L will continue to be true until proven otherwise, it seems.

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