They are offering free internet for five months, but have not yet been compensated by service providers.

They are offering free internet for five months, but have not yet been compensated by service providers.

They are still working on the construction, ITM answered our question.

Last November, the government freed fixed Internet access services for teachers and students in secondary schools, which has turned into a digital work schedule. Being able to learn and teach was an important and necessary measure for all. The exemption was for a period of emergency, and from March it was extended to students and teachers in primary schools.

A concession was made by the government, but service providers have so far had to provide free internet, out of pocket, and they do not even know what compensation will be. Looks like it will happen.

This was mainly a problem for small providers

Many small internet service providers have crushed the provision of free internet as prescribed by the Center for the duration of distance education, on our site, for which they have not received any compensation so far. 3LAN Internet Service Provider Limited, e.g. Suspended from march Credit for the exemption as the company suffered losses from government donations that had already jeopardized the service’s performance. Claims were issued, collected, but communicated, and additional credit would be granted only when state compensation was received.

Another company complained that their customers called them with false information that the “free” one-time 30-day period (now extended to five months) was government-backed, crediting service providers. However, as service providers, they have not heard of any support, even at the promised level.

Profit / loss of one billion in three months

By 11 February, nearly a million families applied for free internet, so the Hungarian people saved nearly a billion marks during the coronovar epidemic – Announced Tamsay Shanta The Parliamentary and Strategic Secretary of State, Deputy Minister, consisting mainly of Hungarian companies, based on data from three large companies (Magyar Telecom, DIGI, Vodafone) and smaller unions. However, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) Communications did not mention compensation.

By March, not only high school students, but also parents and teachers of primary school students will be able to apply for free internet from the ISP. This obviously again leaves a significant amount in the pocket of the population. And it withdraws the same amount from service providers’ pockets. However, the Ministry did not provide an estimate at our request.

On March 11, asked if service companies would be compensated, ITM wrote on March 30.

The compensation scheme is currently being developed with the participation of service provider interest groups.

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