New Crazy offer from Cosmote and German – almost everything … great!


Cosmote: Another super offer came in stores Cosmot and German And this is not related to mobile phones but… television!

Yes, you read that right!

Unique offers on TV bring Cosmot Store and German, But this also And

As of June 13, consumers can get their favorite Smart TVs with cheaper and 48 interest-free installments, through a variety of models and designs from branded manufacturers, to be able to enjoy the big sporting events of the summer .

In addition, those who choose to make their purchases with the National Bank Card earn 20% in go4more points for purchases of € 249 or more. Indicatively, consumers will get smart TVs by 13/06:

  • Toshiba 4K Smart TV UA2063DG 55 “, with operating Android P (9.0) that makes entertainment easier than ever and Dolby Vision HDR technology for incredible brightness, with a gain of € 150, € 549 to € 399 (additional Profit 79, 80 €) in go4more points)
  • Thomson 4K Smart TV UG6400 50 ”, with operating Android P (9.0), HDR10 support and Dolby Digital Plus technology for vivid colors and realistic display, with a profit of € 130, € 499 to € 369 (additional profit 73.80 € in) go4more points)
  • Thomson 4K Smart TV UG6400 55 ”, with Android P operating system (9.0), HDR10 support and Dolby Digital Plus with a profit of € 150, € 569 to € 419 (an additional profit of € 83.80 in go4more points)
  • Samsung 4K QLED TV 55Q60T 55 ”, with HDR10 + support for amazing image quality and a Quantum Processor Light processor for outstanding performance, with a gain of € 500, from € 1,199 to € 699 (additional mileage at € 139.80 go4more issue )
  • Samsung 4K Smart TV UE50TU7092U 50 ”, with support for HDR10 + Crystal Clear Image and Crystal Processor 4K Processor with a gain of € 110, from € 599 to € 489 (Additional profit € 97.80 in go4more points)
  • PANASONIC 4K Smart TV TX-50HX700 50 ”, operating Android TV, with Dolby Vision for HDR10 support and amazing clarity, with a gain of € 130, from € 569 to € 439 (additional mileage in the € 87.80 go4more mark)
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Cosmote: Crazy offer that “walks”!

COSMOTE gives the best gift to all its customers, Once again proving why it tops consumer preferences!

COSMOTE offers all its customers free unlimited data for all weekends, from 22/5 to three days (21/6) of the Holy Spirit, so that they can communicate and entertain carelessly from anywhere.

All mobile, home and corporate customers (contracts, card contracts, Cosmocarta and Whats UP prepaid), can access the My Cosmote and Whats Up applications from their mobiles and activate free offers for every weekend and Whats UP without any restrictions can get access to. On COSMOTE 4G and COSMOTE 5G network speeds.

Subscribers of valid first weekend of offer (22-23 / 5) can activate free unlimited data for every upcoming weekend from today and every Monday.

“At COSMOTE we constantly make sure to respond to the needs of our customers in the best possible way. For this reason, we often offer GB packages, completely free or at very low prices, at a time when mobile internet is in high demand.

OTE Group Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Panagiotis Gavrilidis said, “By offering free unlimited data to everyone for all weekends for three days of the Holy Spirit, we enable our customers to carelessly surf from their mobile phones.” .

Cosmote: Free Cosmot TV in thousands of homes

What once seemed like a summer night dream, is now set to become a reality in 936 regions For Free Cosmot TV!

The problem of thousands of families in remote areas from Corinth in 936 “white areas” of the country has been resolved by the program of the Ministry of Digital Government, where through Cosmot and Digia they will receive a TV signal to watch Greek channels. program.

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The Ministry of Digital Improvement Program of EUR 30.87 million, which will last until 2028, will provide the possibility of subsidizing 150 Euros to each household for the purchase of technical equipment, and also an 8-year guarantee.

The cost of the eight-year grant will come from the Public Investment Program and EETT.

All providers participating in the universal coverage program for both public and private TV stations are required to provide their programs free of charge.

The application is open on the platform Government For those who no longer had access to the television programs of Greek stations, the first submission deadline was ending on June 15, with applications submitted for 15 calendar days every four months.

The problem of white areas affects more than 160,000 households and arose in 2014 when Digi took over the digital coverage of the country, however, it had an obligation to cover 95% of the country in terms of population, not geographically , as was ERT in 2013. Close. The only broadcaster that provided almost 99% population coverage.

In 2018, the SYRIZA government wanted to provide a solution by subsidizing families to receive television signals via pay-TV or free-to-air television, with only Cosmote and Digea participating in the program. Minister of Digital Government K. With the new regulations brought by Pirakakis, universal coverage work will be extended to 2028 where both network providers and electronic communications providers using other networks will be able to participate.

The application is submitted electronically on the initiative of the interested party or by it through the relevant application of the integrated digital portal of the state, Government, or through authorized users of KEP.

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Interested people can apply for:

  • terrestrial transmission
  • satellite broadcaster
  • Fixed or mobile broadband internet connection

The following apply to the above:

  • Provision and installation of necessary broadband equipment where necessary
  • 8 years of access to national and local programs
  • 8-year equipment warranty and installation when required
  • free choice of provider

To submit the application the beneficiary will be required to:

  • personal password taxinet,
  • number of electricity supply of permanent residence,
  • the email address,
  • landline and mobile phone numbers,
  • the eleven digit number of power supply for their main and permanent residence,
  • The settlement in which the permanent residence is situated.

Interested people should state the brand name of the provider of their choice and the service package of their choice if the provider has configured more than one service package.

They must also provide an alternative provider and the brand name of the services they wish to acquire,

It is noted that the subsidy applies to households and not to individual beneficiaries or businesses and only pertains to the property stated in the application.

The grant amount is paid directly to the provider chosen by the beneficiaries after their authorization.

An application can also be submitted by domestic beneficiaries who wish to correct inaccurate data from the earlier application under action.

European is not possible without the Greeks! Daily euro offers, basic bets and Euronoviliges with € 2,020,000 * * Terms and conditions apply

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