The One Show Rickshaw Challenge: Kylie Minogue Cheers on Matt Baker

The One Show Rickshaw Challenge: Kylie Minogue Cheers on Matt Baker

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Matt Baker met his biggest cheerleader in Kylie Minogue as he backed up his rickshaw challenge tonight.

The TV presenter was forced to move the Children in Need Fundraising program to his back garden after being tested positive for coronavirus by a crew member.

No one felt more proud than pop star Kylie, who appeared on The One Show and praised a young man taking part in the challenge.

‘You are very motivating. Look, you’re cycling and talking! ‘Kylie told Rosie.

‘I’ll be on the floor,’ the singer admitted before asking how Rosie was persuading him to leave home and take on the challenge at home.

Kelly, 52, then presented her super fan with a signed copy of her new album Disco and encouraged donors: ‘The more miles, the more calculations. Congratulations and good luck. ‘

‘Go team rickshaw!’ Kylie was overjoyed.

Matt, who was getting off his bike at 5:30 a.m., said: ‘A lot of people donate like this, thank you … we’re doing our best to keep this thing going. It’s been 10 years since the Rickshaw Challenge and I’m glad we can continue. ‘

Kylie Minogue is a team rickshaw challenge (Photo: BBC)

All six members of Rickshaw Challenge 2020 are aiming to fight back and collect money by fighting many of the diseases of their lives, including bone cancer and autoimmune diseases.

However, the incident was thrown into chaos after a crew member tested positive for the Covid-19.

The BBC Children in Need said in a statement: “The safety of youngsters on team rickshaws is paramount.

“As a precautionary measure, it has been decided today to send the youth home from the challenge.

“The One Show team is currently exploring ways in which Matt Baker and Team Rickshaw can continue the challenge safely from home.”

He added: “Before the challenge, after medical consultation, a set of strict security measures was put in place to reduce the risk of infection to all those involved.”

The ‘team on team’ was following government guidelines with strict social distance measures implemented at all times and the trend check was set up several times during the challenge to prompt investigation into any Covid-19 cases and that Could be eliminated.

“During one of these routine tests, a positive result was confirmed in one of the crew members and immediate action was taken.”

The One Show airs weekly nightly on BBC One.

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