The Pentagon says pyramid-shaped UFO video is authentic

The Pentagon says pyramid-shaped UFO video is authentic

The engraving on a naval ship is valid, but the items are still being studied.

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The Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of a video posted on social media showing a type of night vision device recording triangular objects hovering on the deck of a US Navy ship. The record was released by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Korbel.

US Department of Defense spokesman Sou Gough said the video was made by USS Russell officials, who said the objects behaved like a “flying pyramid”. The statement was made on the website Mystery Wire, which is dedicated to Unknown Flying Objects (UFOs).

“They made sure that it is not something that we have, that it is nothing from the foreign military, and that they (the objects) were behaving in ways we did not expect,” he says. According to Suu, they were not aerodynamic objects.

According to Corbel, the video was made in July 2019. He was initially described as a “drone” that even 200 meters above the ship had a noticeable humor. The ship was off the southern coast of California, in the United States, at the time in question.

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The spokesperson did not confirm that these are real objects, only that the incident has been recorded and is being analyzed. A department task force investigates unknown aerial incidents, but details are not discussed for security reasons.

Some people have said that it may be just an optical illusion. This is the case of Mick West, who always wants to analyze the UFO issue in terms of skepticism. He published a video in which he claimed that the shooting was probably done with a cell phone, with a monocular lens for night vision, and that the object is just an airplane. An optical effect, known as bokeh, will be responsible for distorting and distorting the light, making the object appear pyramidal.

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