The pilot landed on the highway after an engine failure; watch video – 07/12/2022 – world

The pilot landed on the highway after an engine failure;  watch video - 07/12/2022 - world

a pilot with little flying experience had to make a emergency landing on a highway in United States of america, after a malfunction in the aircraft’s engine. maneuvers in Swain County, North Carolina, was successful and left no injuries,

Vincent Fraser, 31, was walking with his father-in-law when the plane’s engine completely shut down as it was flying over a national park. “That’s when I realized something was seriously wrong,” the pilot told the US newspaper. Washington Post,

They were 5,500 feet above sea level, mounted on mountains and woods. But Fraser, who had only 100 hours of flying experience, did not manage to panic. He looked at the emergency checklist and restarted the engine, which did not restart at full power.

Fraser said that then they needed to find a place to land. The father-in-law, in disbelief, laughed and thought it was a joke. In less than two and a half minutes, despite the scare, the plane was successfully taken over the asphalt without any injuries.

The flight took place on 3 July. The entire action was recorded and posted on social media. It can be seen in the video that the plane is flying over the cars and has come to a complete halt even after passing near the high voltage wires. Later, Fraser discovered that fuel from one wing stopped flowing to the engine, causing a failure.

“What an excellent, injury-free job,” said Swain County Sheriff Curtis Cochran. “There were so many things that could have been catastrophic but didn’t.”

Fraser, who aspired to become a commercial pilot, first worked as a flight attendant and received his private pilot’s license in October. Shortly after, he bought the plane that landed on the road.

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