The police organization announced that it would wipe out the network of the world’s most dangerous malware “Emotet” –GIGAZINE

The police organization announced that it would wipe out the network of the world's most dangerous malware "Emotet" --GIGAZINE

Police from eight European countries cooperateEuropean Police Criminal Agency(Europol) announced that it was successful in removing Emotet’s botnets by removing “Emotet” malware from infected PCs.

The world’s most dangerous malware EMOTET interrupted through global action | Europol

Ladybird International Police Operation: Emotet Global Botnet Dismantled | police. NL

Emotet: The world’s most dangerous malware botnet was disrupted by a large police operation ZDNet

Emotet first appeared as a banking infrastructure system in 2014 as the Trojan Horse, and has since been known as the most powerful malware used by cybercriminals.

Emotet distributes infected Word documents via automated phishing emails and builds backdoor for Windows. The subject line of email sent by Emotet and the filenames of documents are changed on a regular basis, increasing the likelihood that the victim will inadvertently open the document associated with the email.

The backdoor PC installed by Emotet will act as a gateway for cyber criminals who use Emotet with remote access tools and ransomware. With over 600,000 PCs damaged at the time of writing, Europol described Amotate as “the most dangerous malware in the world” and “one of the most important botnets of the last decade”. I was investigating

Europol then developed “Operation Ladybird” as “a unique and new approach to effectively disrupt the activities of cybercriminals”.

Europol confiscated two of Emotet’s three major servers, after an investigation revealed that they were located in the Netherlands. We have successfully updated Emotet to redirect to a law enforcement-managed server and passed it to hosts infected with Emotet.

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Europol states that it will uninstall Emotet to distribute Emotet updates to all infected hosts.

Like Emotet, the FBI was also conducting a follow-up survey on ransomware “NetWalker”, which suffered from worldwide damage.

The loss to ransomware “networker”, which has expanded a total of 2.7 billion yen in just five months, has expanded – GIGAZINE

As a result of the investigation, the FBI has announced that it has arrested a Canadian on suspicion of cheating approximately $ 454,000 in cryptocurrency.

Cybercrop deletes malware botnet, FBI arrests ransomware

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