The Pope in the Angel: We must be careful of spiritual laziness

The Pope in the Angel: We must be careful of spiritual laziness

Mariangela Jagruba – Vatican News

In the Marian prayer of Angelus, this 2 Sunday of Lent (28/02), Pope Francis reflected on the gospel of the day, in which Jesus transfigured himself before his three disciples.

“Some time ago, Jesus announced that in Jerusalem he would suffer greatly, be rejected and condemned to death. We can imagine what must have happened in the hearts of his friends, those close friends, his disciples: the image of a strong and victorious Messiah is put in jeopardy, his dreams shattered and agony aggravated when he thinks Is that the master whom he believed would be killed like the evictor. At that moment, with that anguish of the soul, Jesus calls Peter, James and John and takes them to the mountain with him ”, emphasizes the pontiff.

Climbing mountains is getting closer to god

The Gospel says, “He took them to a high mountain.”

In the Bible, always, the mountain has a special meaning: it is the high place where heaven and earth touch, where Moses and the prophets had the extraordinary experience of meeting God. Climbing the mountain is a little closer to God. Jesus climbed to the top with three disciples and they stopped at the top of the mountain. Here, he is moved in front of them. His radiant face and shining robes, who anticipate the image as Risen, offer those terrified men with light, light of hope, light to transcend the darkness: Death will not be the end of everything, because it Resurrection will open for the glory of the mind. Jesus declares his death, takes them to the mountain and shows them what will happen after the resurrection.

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Going beyond our plans and norms in this world

As the apostle Peter said, it is good to live with the Lord on the mountain to live this “anticipation” of light in the heart of Lent. This is an invitation to remind us, especially as we go through a difficult test, and many of you know what it means to undergo a tough test, remembering that “the Lord has risen and the last words to the darkness Lets not be “, the Pope said, adding:

Sometimes it happens that we go through moments of darkness in our personal, family or social life, and we fear that there is no way out. We are frightened by great mysteries such as sickness, innocent pain or the mystery of death. On the same path of faith, we often stumble when we face the scandal of the cross and the demands of the gospel, which tells us to dedicate our lives to service and to lose it in love, rather than ourselves. To preserve and defend it. . We then need another look, a light that deeply illuminates the mystery of life and helps us go beyond our plans and norms of this world. We are also asked to consider the beauty of the Risen Forest, to climb the mountain, to glimpse the light in every piece of our lives and to help us interpret history from the Easter victory.

Beware of spiritual laziness

“But be careful”, because the word “Pedro ‘is good for us to be here’ should not become spiritual laziness”, Francisco warned. “We cannot live on the mountain and enjoy this meeting alone. Jesus took us back into the valley with his brothers and sisters and in daily life ”, emphasized the Pope.

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We must be careful of spiritual laziness: we are good with our prayers and litigants, and this is enough for us. No! Climbing the mountain is not forgetting the reality. Prayer never runs away from the stresses of life. The light of faith is not for a beautiful spiritual feeling. No! This is not the message of Jesus. We are called to experience an encounter with Christ so that, illuminated by his light, we can take it and shine it everywhere. Turn a little light in people’s hearts; To be the little lamp of the gospel with little love and hope: it is the Christian mission.

The Pope asked Mary Most Holly “to help us to admire, protect and share the Light of Christ”.

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