The profession and finances of being a hammerhead shark

The profession and finances of being a hammerhead shark

But as the cephalophil was tilted up or down, the force quickly entered the game, enabling a quick ascent or descent. It helps to explain that hammer heads have more behavior than a normal shark, ”said Dr. Persons who think skills can help them snatch food from the ocean floor.

The researchers also measured how much cephalophils were drawn. Dr. Parsons said the winghead shark, which has the largest hammer, appears to work “20 to 40 times as much” as a normal fish.

That, he said, sounds like a “pain in the butt”, although the cost of the benefits it provides must increase.

Marianne Porter, a biologist at the University of Florida Atlantic, said analyzing a wide variety of types, not related to the research, was a “real push” for the hammer’s hydrodynamics. “We can begin to study the differences between them.”

However, he added, “Computational models have some shortcomings.” In the real world, sharks swim with their entire bodies, constantly changing sea conditions. When you try to recreate such things in models, and focus on one part of the body at a time, he says, “Things really get muddy,” he said. (Actually, in One such study Published in 2018, Dr. Porter found that the hammer body produces an overall lift.)

Dr. “The hammer, on every angle of the attack, creates a lot of attraction,” Parsons replied. “But some of that lost momentum could be found elsewhere on sharks with properly placed poles and structures.”

He said he hopes more researchers will continue to investigate the issue: “The best research questions are the ones that generate 10 more.”

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