See how to be invisible on WhatsApp and Instagram

See how to be invisible on WhatsApp and Instagram

Do you know when you want peace in your online life? Don’t want to bother and just surf the internet more discreetly? There are some settings on WhatsApp and Instagram that can help you fulfill your wish.

Diverse Social Networks I Application Chats allow their users to change privacy settings so that online activity is not wide open. It’s practically using the platforms in a more invisible way. See below what can be done and how to change the program settings.

how to on whatsapp

hey WhatsApp Does not allow the user to be completely invisible in the app. But some options help to leave fewer traces and reduce the chance that you’ll be offended. They are all found in the “Privacy” option. To get to it, open WhatsApp settings and go directly to the “Account” item.

There, you can configure things like:

  • “Last Seen”, which shows when you were last seen on WhatsApp. Once closed, others will not know when you last logged in to the app.
  • Visibility of your profile picture. If you select “None”, you can use the app without anyone else seeing your image.
  • Define who can do your position. In this case, you can choose only the one who is in your contact list. That way, people who have your number but don’t know you won’t be able to see what you post in this part of WhatsApp.
  • Read confirmation, turn off the famous blue tick. With the function turned off, people who message you won’t know when you’ve seen the content you’ve received.
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Please note that if you disable “Last Viewed” and Read Receipts, you will also not receive this type of confirmation. And you can’t block a contact from seeing you when you’re online in the app.

how to on instagram

Like WhatsApp, Instagram also allows you to change privacy settings, which will make your use more discreet when you want.

The first thing you can do in this regard is to make sure that your photos can only be seen by your followers and also choose who can or can’t follow you. Access your profile and then go to “Settings”.

Within “Privacy”, check if the “Private Account” item is turned on or off. If you want more privacy, it is important that it is turned on.

The Stories part also allows you to change some settings to avoid being disturbed by strangers. Still within the item “Settings” > “Privacy”, look for the “Story” option.

There, you can define that only your followers will be able to reply to your posts, hide your posts in Stories from certain people, allow followers to share photos and videos you post in Stories, and finally, Will you share your stories or not? Facebook.

There is also an item called “Activity Status”. When it’s disabled, the accounts you follow and the people you message won’t see whether you’re online or on Instagram.

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