The registration record in the second stage of the ARLI Championship is

The registration record in the second stage of the ARLI Championship is

Designed with the aim of increasing the commercialization of the individual bow, the Professional Calf Ropers Tour – PCRT, is in full swing with three stages already confirmed for this month. But, before we move on to the evidence, it is necessary to present the PCRT.


We spoke with PCRT President and Practitioner of Sport Renato García Antunes, who spoke about the creation of the league and its importance. “The PRCT individual tie is a league of professionals that I created based on the references I acquired in Texas. Another point to create were some flaws that I saw here in Brazil that could have been rectified”, he remarked.

Renato, who also owns Sweet Ranch in Rio de Janeiro, stresses that the idea to build the PCRT came about six months ago, improving over time until it was built, which was mid-century. Happened in. The year.

“In other sports like basketball, for example, you have the NBA, a kid who plays basketball, obviously dreams of playing in a professional league, the same thing happens in football. We already have ETR, which The team is from roping, and the calf loop was empty. Therefore, the idea was to fill this gap, with more trials, with more money, with an interesting cost-benefit for the competitor, to value the professional. Whether the cost of registration/rewards and travel,” he explains.


Among the main pillars on the importance of the league are: the appreciation and recognition of individual tie professionals. To this end, Renato highlights that visual communication, as well as marketing planning, contribute to the identification of competitors. One example is PCRT’s Instagram, which every day reveals professionals who have already registered for the tests. “The idea is to make them more exposed and thus, make it easier for them to get sponsorships”.

In addition to the president, Renato, the league has Fabio Pereira, sports director; Marco Aurelio Pereira Filho – Executive Director, Francisco Feitosa – Commercial Director, in addition to Joo Velasco, who, despite not being part of the board, is a point of support for PCRT.


“We were well received by the public. We got a lot of praise, everyone has faith in the people involved in making this league come true. People are very excited, they understand the format. So the acceptance has been amazing, thank goodness. I have so much to be grateful for the trust these athletes have placed in us”, Renato says.

PCRT Auction

As a way of promoting the sport and giving importance to the pros, PCRT won stallion covers provided by some of the partners, thus holding an online auction lasting three days. 30 coverages were auctioned, with the money returned to the prize pool.

“We are delighted with these partnerships, as these people have helped us. I would like to thank all the owners who donated their stallion’s coverings to trust, believe and encourage our project, generally but fostered personal bonds”, highlighted Renato.

PCRT Tours will be open to all breeds, however, Quarter Horses, registered with the Brazilian Association of Quarter Horse Breeders – ABQM, which are the offspring of stallions, partners of PCRT will have an additional prize. A ranking will be created, where the horse with the best score will win R$5 thousand.

first visit

A date has already been set for the first PCRT Tour:

  • Phase I – September 24, 7 pm – Rancho Boisa – Regent Feijo (SP);
  • Phase II – September 25, 9 a.m. – Rancho Boisa – Regent Feijo (SP);
  • Phase III – September 26, 10 a.m. – Haras Je García – Regent Feijo (SP).

Registration is still open and should be done through joint venture system, For those registered by September 17th, the amount, per stage, is R$400, after that date, a change will occur, R$600 will be charged.

For these three stages, the guaranteed prize pool will be R$30,000 with R$10,000 for each stage. Finally, the three rounds will award BRL 90,000 in addition to the BRL 45,000 for the final, which will be played between 10 Lacadores classified in three rounds.

“This league is not just for the professional, but for the individual laco in general, so that people train more, develop to become a professional one day. Dedicating themselves to the competitors, increasing their disability and one day Have to become a professional”, he concluded.

Lastly, to know more about the league and the stages of the trials, just access instagram,

by Heloise Alves
Caption & Photo Credit: Fabio Pereira – Promotions / Miguel Oliveira

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