The result of the first round election in Ecuador is undefined; Indian candidate says ‘attempt to cheat’ | world

The result of the first round election in Ecuador is undefined;  Indian candidate says 'attempt to cheat' |  world

result of First round of presidential election do Ecuador Monday night (8) remains undefined. It is already known that there will be a second round and economists Andrés Arroz, Supported by former President Rafael Corey, finished first and will be voted on 11 April. However, It is not yet defined who was in second place.

Arruz has 32.17% of the vote, with 98% of ballots counted as of 10:45 pm (Brasilia time). The next Indian leader is Yaku Perez, with 19.87% – just 0.3 percentage points from former banker Guillermo Lasso, Who was rated the most to go to the second round according to the election.

According to the France Press Agency, the vote count was 13.69% of minutes were delayed due to discrepancies requiring review, Such as the lack of signatures of members of polling stations.

Presidential election goes to second round in Ecuador

1 minute Presidential election goes to second round in Ecuador

Presidential election goes to second round in Ecuador

At dawn, Ecuador’s system of preliminary results from the National Electoral Council showed intense controversy for second place. About 97% of ballots were counted, but 14% will be reviewed, as the difference between the two candidates is only 5,200 votes.

Ecuador’s presidential nominee Yaku Perez on February 3, 2021 – Photo: Rodrigo Bundia / AFP

This was interpreted by Perrys as a “fraud conspiracy” To prevent the indigenous candidate from going to the second round. He claims that without proving that he will have enough votes to beat Arusz, who finished first.

National Electoral Council (CNE) chairperson Diana Atamont announced “Every candidate has the right to abolish all legal precedents to fight the consequences”. “If we have to open elections, we will,” he told reporters.

Ecuador’s presidential candidate Andrés Arrouz during a campaign in Quito on Thursday – Photo: Rodrigo Bundia / AFP

A move to the second round by Perez and Arruz would represent an electoral defeat for Ecuador’s center-right: Both intend to implement an agenda of greater stimulus for the economy After 2019 political crisis It is on Coronavirus epidemic Ecuador was devastated last year. Defeated, Lasso proposed to increase the purchasing power of wages, but within the agenda of economic austerity.

It seems that candidates are candidates Javier Hervas – Another center-left representative. He finished the contest in fourth place with around 16% of the vote., Ie less than four percentage points of the second round. Pre-election polls indicated that the percentage of votes won by Hervas would not reach double digits.

Current President Lenin Moreno steps down on 24 May. He chose not to run for re-election and did not officially declare support for any of the candidates most likely to win the race.

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