The robot dog urges beer and moves according to the environment; View | Technology

The robot dog urges beer and moves according to the environment;  View |  Technology

“Spot” is an artificial intelligence robot that adopts your floor as sensors pick up changes in soil and environment

Boston Dynamics, an experimental company specialized in creating utility and revolutionary robots, has updated its electronic dog: Now, the “spot” can urinate.

When the robot detects a glass in front of you through the sensor, it goes into the container and squeezes the cold beer. On the “back” of the “beast” is a reservoir of drinks, which recognize stimuli through artificial intelligence.

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The spot can also be programmed to walk alongside the owner, walk in circles and walk – as if it were a dog chasing its tail. The engineering behind the machine allows it to map the surrounding environment and move it around according to conditions – which no other robot has ever achieved.


Pet developer, youtuber Michael Reeves, explains how he programmed it to do “tricks”, in addition to detailing all of his abilities.

“P ‘mode is working without any problem 35% of the time,” he comments. The robot costs about US $ 75 thousand, or about R $ 427.2 thousand in direct conversion, and is produced for a short period of time.

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