The scheduling site is unstable with great demand. The fort

The scheduling site is unstable with great demand.  The fort

Due to the high demand for vaccination against Kovid-19 in Fortaleza, the Wackin JA website, which opens dates for care, went through a volatility. The program for over 75 more health workers was released on Sunday, 24 hours in 18 hours. “We are attentive to reported difficulties. Our team is on standby, working to fix the flaws”, informed Fortaleza City Hall in a post on the social network.

Clinical Psychologist Paulo Roberto Eberu, a 38-year-old clinical psychologist, had no major difficulty scheduling last night on the Vacation JA website. “I joined at 6:30 in the evening and didn’t get it at first, but then I tried again and it worked. I have scheduled vaccinations for this week”, celebrates the health professional who is in the second half of 2020 I returned to take care of him face to face.

“I have high hopes about the vaccine, because, by protecting myself, I will protect my patients, my family and colleagues. Despite all the investment against vaccines, science is winning and SUS plays a very important role. In the process. In “, states.

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Despite several attempts, 25-year-old Nathalia Susa was unable to schedule. She tries to schedule the vaccine application for her husband’s grandparents between the ages of 75 and 78. “Since 20 hours I try and do not move forward. I go to the ‘schedule vaccination’ tab on the site but it is not complete.

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She explains that when she opens the tab to enter information such as CPF and date of birth, the page freezes. In families of elderly people such as Nathalia, there is greater expectation of vaccinating loved ones in the at-risk group. He says, “Our biggest concern here is to communicate with them.”

The elderly will be vaccinated with the Oxford / AstraZeneca Immunizer, which arrived in the state on Saturday. 23. Health workers will continue vaccinations with Coronavac, which came to Serra on Monday, 18, with the start of the application. In the same day.

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