The skier is chased by a bear and survives the attack

The skier is chased by a bear and survives the attack

This week, a brown bear gave a skier a huge scare, chased by the animal during a day of recreation in the snow on a mountainous area in the Prédil Resort in Brasov, Romania.

The chase and was shared by ABC News. The case attracted the attention of several witnesses, who tried to help eject the animal with screams and whistles.

Luckily, the man was able to save his life using a wise strategy necessary to confuse the brown bear: the skier left a bag he was carrying in his hands.

“this [o esquiador] He did a very nice trick, which is really safe when you want to avoid the bear, “Angel Somiku, a witness saw the animal an hour ago.” “

Soon after the incident, police officers received three calls about the presence of the animal and promised to try to catch it. “We are considering relocating the bear, which should now be hibernating anyway,” the police spokesman said. Brasov, Ion old. “But in recent years, we have had more bears facing skiers in winter,” he said.

To prevent further attacks, ski patrols in the area alerted others, who had practiced the game, about the presence of bears in the area. Many visitors were seen abandoning their skis and quickly exiting the hill.

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