The summit of the new Congress emphasizes the economy, not the ultra-conservative agenda of Bolsonaro. Present

The summit of the new Congress emphasizes the economy, not the ultra-conservative agenda of Bolsonaro.  Present

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In the first half of his term, President Jair Bolsonaro was unable to achieve his custom guidelines. He hoped that, earlier this year, the situation would change, with two houses commanded by his colleagues, Congressman Arthur Lira (PP-AL) and Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG). But this does not happen. On Wednesday, at the inauguration of the legislative year, Lira and Pacheco promised to discuss issues related to economic development, but not with the president’s ultra-conservative agenda.

In a report sent to MPs by the Governor’s Secretariat, Bolsonaro mentioned that he would like to discuss topics such as allowing mining on indigenous lands, changes in Indian law, extension of arms to the general population, licenses. To kill military personnel while they are in the Law and Order Guaranteed Operations (GLO), except for permission for home school education, Homeschooling.

Earlier, however, mayors and senators signed a document in which they committed themselves to guidance measures to counter the Kovid-19 epidemic, tax reform and proposals for constitutional amendments for sub-constitutional and emergency funds. Pledged to do. These relate to the allocation of Union funds to states and municipalities.

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Despite an apparent initial mismatch, President Bolsonaro said he was confident in a relationship with the two MPs. “weather [é o] Better possible. Harmony will be with us, ”he announced after meeting Lira and Pacheco on Wednesday morning. The government also called for parliament’s dedication to the analysis of administrative reform and privatization of Eletrobrás. Something that, initially, was not necessarily on the Congress’ priority radar.

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The list sent by the executive also includes proposals made to appease the villagers, such as bills that intend to change land regularization, environmental licensing and concession of forest areas.

At the inauguration of the legislative year, the President was greeted by the duties of the PSOL, which opposed his government. They called him “genocide” and “fascist”. As the delegate, the delegation stated that in his 28 years as an MP he always respected the officials who attended the plenary session of the Chamber. And he replied: “See you at 22”. This was an illusion for the presidential election to be held in October next year, in which he would have to run for re-election.

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The initial relationship between the executive and the legislative will serve as Bolsonaro’s test to begin Pay to Invoice Along with Centrão, is responsible for the election of Lira to preside over the Chamber. Reported to the President that, instead of delivering the promised four ministries in this month, the President intended to make a drop-down ministerial reform. This would be a strategy to avoid clarifying that elections are held in Parliament. The two Citizenship and Regional Development Departments will be extended to the group of Centrao and Davey Alcolumbre (DEM-AP) in the coming weeks, who sponsored Pacheco’s candidacy. The president is still studying how he will accommodate current ministers Onex Lorenzoni and Rogerio Marinho. Lorenzoni should go to the Presidential Secretary-General. Marinho’s fate is uncertain.

In a second phase, the president can recreate the Ministry of Social Security and the Ministry of Sports, who can allocate nominees from Centro. There is still a possibility to offer a portfolio or health or education for a new assessment. Another exchange must take place in Itamarti. But it would be a personal sign of Bolsonaro and a nod since United States President Joe Biden, since the current minister, Ernesto Arazzo, was one of the people most in a relationship with Donald Trump.

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This change would occur when Neoboloncystras began to do his part, namely, to approve projects of interest to Planalto. It is still unclear to the government what the actual size of its bench is. In the Chamber, 302 out of 513 voted for Bolsonaro’s candidate, Lyra. But it is known that there were betrayals among MPs that the parties officially supported Rossi Whale (MDB-SP). In the Senate, among Pacheco’s 57 votes (out of 81 probables), there was support from the PT, the network and PDT, who are openly opposed and receiving a health CPI to examine the government’s performance in the coronomic epidemic Are trying

The occupation of internal spaces in the Chamber and Senate would also reflect the true size of the Bolsanarists’ efforts. The first will be a dispute by the constitution of the Fire Examination Chamber and the Commission of Justice. This is the main collegium of the House, where all the bills go. In theory, the position would be under the authority of PSL, which appointed Deputy Bia Kicis (PSL-DF). In his first term, he is the defender of a military coup, a first-time aide to the president and has been identified as one of the main disseminators of devolution in the Chamber. There is an attempt to remove it from the idea of ​​taking office. Regardless of the party’s nomination, the choice of committee presidents depends on the vote of the members of each collegiate. Kikis would lose Bolsanaro.

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