NASA has voted in favor of the International Space Station (ISS) because they believe we have had a lot of developments and scientific results for the unit over the past 20 years.

The International Space Station will certainly be operational by 2030, as NASA announced on the last day of 2021 that the United States will extend work on the ISS until 2030. The announcement isn’t surprising in some respects, as it has long been known that NASA is committed to the space station in the short term. Engadget However, points out that this decision was taken as tensions between the United States and Russia escalated.

The Russians announced in early 2021 that They will deepen their space cooperation with China in the future, which is already setting a strong pace of competition for the United States. Nor did the fact that the ISS was threatened several times a year by the Americans blaming the Russians not to help the situation.

As memorabilia: in July 2021 and in october Russian spacecraft ISS. unexpectedly docked while displacing, and in November The fragments of an exploded Russian satellite were sent to the ISS. had to change classand to prepare for the crew evacuation.

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Meanwhile, the Russians The United States was literally accused of sabotage for an incident in 2018 – Then the air of the Russian module began to flow out of a hole.

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