The UK needs a negative Kovid test for travelers from the world

The UK needs a negative Kovid test for travelers from the world

The United States government will require all airline passengers arriving from the United Kingdom Take a negative test for Kovid-19, Started next Monday (28), 72 hours before departure.

a The measure was taken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday (25) Due to concerns about New version of coronavirus, which can be 50 to 74% more communicable, According to a British study.

Virologists explain how new coronovirus strains work

Under the new policy, passengers traveling to the UK in the USA have to be provided Written documentation of laboratory test results (Paper or electronic) for the airline, the CDC said.

Want airlines Confirm negative test results for all passengers before boarding. If passengers decide not to test, the airline must Refuse boarding.

The CDC said that travelers would have to submit a PCR test or an antigen test because “viruses are constantly mutating through mutations, and preliminary analysis in the UK shows that this new version is comparable to variants already circulating 70% may be more permeable. “.

Decision Can be considered a change, Since Donald Like Told American Airlines that No test was required for passengers arriving from the UK. The statement was given last Tuesday (22).

Thursday (24), American Airlines United Airlines and Delta Air Lines Were already demanding that all passengers on UK flights The United States also performed 72 hours before departure, to present a negative test for the Kovid-19.

American Airlines also Already short flights to the UK, As well as for the rest of Europe.

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